Top Things to Do & Places to Visit in Arizona, USA

Arizona is one of the most sought destinations in the United States. With its incredible natural landscapes, rich arts and culture, and amazing foodie scene, no wonder why many travelers from all over the world flock in this state to get a taste of it!

In this piece, we will unravel some of the best things to do and places to visit in Arizona, USA which attracts tons of people from all walks of life! Keep on reading as Arizona might just be the next state you would wanna visit!

1. Grand Canyon

Standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon looking out over the endless ridges of colorful cliff walls and deep ravines, it’s impossible not to be inspired by this natural wonder. The Grand Canyon is one of the biggest attractions in America, and definitely one of the most-visited national parks in Arizona. This spectacular natural landscape has been carved out by the Colorado River which can be seen in the distance far below.

The Grand Canyon is so unbelievably beautiful that its walls glow during the late afternoon when the sun hits it, posturing hues of red, orange, yellow and everything in between.

Grand Canyon

If you are planning on visiting the Grand Canyon, most travelers enter the canyon from the South Rim where the various lookout areas all along the road lie, as well as walkways running along the canyon’s edge. On the other hand, the North Rim allows different stunning views altogether, but note that authorities close this road during the winter season for it is prone to accident. For visitors who would want to get a closer look at the Grand Canyon, it is permitted to hike down into the Grand Canyon or if you are willing to spend more bucks, taking a helicopter flight over and through the canyon is also an advisable means to enjoy the attraction!

Indeed, nothing can compete with the grandiose look of mother nature by visiting the Grand Canyon. You will surely have a memorable experience, whether you decide to go by car or foot. If you have several hours, consider exploring the Grand Canyon by hiking along the popular Bright Angel trail — it might just be your most favorite part of your trip! Travel as far as your comfortable but always keep in mind that you have to hike the same distance back. Do not forget to wear proper hiking gear (especially footwear) and bring snacks and plenty of water so you would be able to reach your aimed locations!

2. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is considered to be one of the most picturesque attractions in the state of Arizona — thanks to the sandstone buttes that dominate Monument Valley! Sitting between Arizona and Utah, Monument Valley includes stone spires and buttes, jagged rock formations, and sand dunes. At the heart of Monument Valley is the famous Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park — where you can see an incredible visitor center and a 17-mile self-drive route along a one-way gravel road through the tribal park. If you want to get a more relaxed and educational tour, a guided tour package can be availed.

The tour will allow you to explore the area more thoroughly and without the fear of getting lost and/or if you want to stay on your schedule. If you do not have the time to visit the park, you can still appreciate the beauty of it through different views from the highway!

3. Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Stretching into southern Nevada, the Lake Mead National Recreation Area is about 1.5 million acres and spans about 177 miles of the Colorado River, which includes Lake Mead and Lake Mohave.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is stunningly beautiful and should be on every traveler’s bucket list. The area offers several activities for visitors to enjoy which includes boating and water sports, fishing, hiking opportunities, and camping facilities!

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

The Lake Mohave is an artificial body of water which is about 67 miles long, making it the smaller of the two lakes in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Adding this to your itinerary will surely make an impact on your Arizona trip!

4. Havasu Falls

Situated near Supai on the Havasupai Indian Reservation, Havasu Falls is a 100-foot long which offers a great experience to every visitor! Havasu Falls offers pools at the base of it, providing bluish-green tint to the water. The Havasu Falls is so incredible in such a way that it is forked — appearing to have two falls when the river’s current is so heavy.

The nearby Havasu Creek canyon is also home to about 450 Havasupai Indians, living a secluded life from the city life — subsisting on their modest farming activities and tourist trade. The Havasu Falls is a hidden paradise that offers a number of waterfalls and carved out basins in the travertine rock which provides relaxing bathing pools for travelers.

Many visitors choose to hike to the falls or enjoy swimming in the crystal blue water of Havasu Falls. If you are looking to experience one of Arizona’s most postcard-worthy views, be sure to allow some time to visit and witness the beauty of Havasu Falls!

5. Sedona

If you’re an outdoor and culture lover, you definitely want to check out Sedona! Surrounded by amazing red rock mountains and buttes, Sedona is known to be one of the most fascinating settings in the state of Arizona. The views here are magnificent and can be taken in by mountain biking or hiking and/or, for those who want to relax slightly, off-road jeep tours are also available.


If you are planning to witness an incredible masterpiece of Mother Nature, Sedona is just around a 1.5-hour drive north of Phoenix. It is a popular day trip from the city, but the town proper offers more. In fact, the drive into the town from the south, straight through the Village of Oak Creek provides numerous scenic pullouts!