Tips To Save Money While Travelling For The Budget Conscience Adventurer

Are you planning to go somewhere new anytime soon? May it be going solo, with friends or family, traveling to a new place can be quite expensive. Despite that, however, you don’t really need too much cash to enjoy a holiday by yourself or with your loved ones. There are a lot of different and creative ways to save on travel expenses while savoring the new experience. Below are some simple tips to consider to save money while on your trip:

Before Traveling

Before Traveling

  • The first thing to do when planning a budget-friendly trip is to consider traveling during the “off” seasons. Off seasons are the times of the year where there are usually fewer tourists around, and this varies from different places. During peak seasons like long holidays, Christmas, New Year and summer, fares and accommodation can be more expensive as a considerable number of people are expected to travel during those times.
  • Before you go on your trip, consider the things that you will be bringing. Packing light will help you avoid checking baggage in your flight. Check-in baggage prices can be very costly. Pack all of the essentials and items which you can wear more than once, like pants and jackets.
  • If you plan to go on a trip for an extended period, it is best to find accommodation where you can wash your clothes. Finding this essential facility will also help you save on luggage costs. A lot of hostels and even Airbnbs offer laundry facilities. Make sure that you take the time to look for these kinds of places before your trip to save money.
  • Avoid buying essential items like toiletries in the place you will be staying in. If you’re going to stay in a dorm or hostel, chances are they might not offer free soap and shampoo. There is also a chance that shampoo and soap will be more expensive in your trip, so bringing your own will give you a lot of savings.

During Your Trip

  • Look for free activities and tourist attractions rather than signing up for adventures. While traveling, you can do some research on the different open tourist spots in your destination. Signing up for a tour guide or adventure activities can be quite costly. Local or community calendars around the area are also helpful to check what may be the latest occasions or events which you can participate in. Parks and museums are also the right places where you can experience a new location for a lesser price, and some are even free.
  • If you are traveling with a group, there are also group coupon deals you can avail at a discounted price. This is a better option rather than booking a unique or exclusive group tour with your friends or family. Not only you can enjoy the trip with adventure activities, but this is also an opportunity to meet new people.

When Buying Food


  • To save on food costs, better to book in a place where you can cook or prepare your meals. Eating in a restaurant or ordering hotel room service can be pricey. Making your food will not only help you save money while on your trip, but you can also even prepare more substantial amounts of food for you and your companions.
  • Skip the fancy restaurants and find the nearest food market to have your lunch or dinner. Local shops can give you the experience of eating the delicacies and the culture of the place. Aside from good food, many of the local shops offer cheaper meals as well.
  • Snacks available in train stations or airports are expensive. Pack on snacks while you travel. If you are going for the long haul, you can save a lot of money while traveling if you bring your food which you can munch on the plane or the train. If you are bringing kids who get hungry every 5 minutes, this is the best way to save money.
  • Choose a hotel that offers free breakfast. To lessen the hassle of looking for a place to eat early in the morning, choose a place that gives this incentive. Many hotels offer buffet breakfasts for every booking. This will also give you and your companions more time to prepare in the morning to explore the area.

Traveling should not mean that you need to be broke when you get back home. There are many ways to enjoy your trip without breaking the bank. These are just some of the tips you can follow to save money while exploring new places and gathering unique experiences.