Why you should move to Austin, TX

Austin, TX has experienced a massive influx of people in recent times. Aside from being a hub for massive technological developments and prominent tech companies, it is renowned for its affordable standard of living and the huge opportunities it provides its residents.

If you are moving to Austin, TX either as a student, business owner, family or a retiree, Austin,TX has something in stock for everyone living in its neighbourhood 

In this article, we shall look at some of the reasons why you should also consider moving to Austin, TX.

Reasons why moving to Austin TX is a great idea

Job Security 

Austin is a great place to move if you want standard job security. The 2019 edition of Forbes magazine ranked Austin as the best place to live in America three consecutive times, mainly due to its numerous job opportunities.

The Best Place For Startup Business

Austin has moved from 14th on the Forbes list of the Best Places for Business and Careers to being ranked 4th on the list of the best large cities to start a business.

According to the WSJ Marketwatch, it has also ranked as the number one place for growing businesses.

These statistics indicate that Austin is the best place for both startups and top businesses!

Security for retirement

The US News and World Report has ranked Austin #11 on its list of best places to retire.

If you plan on retiring soon, living in Austin, TX as a retiree will provide an enjoyable retirement. 

Booming Technology 

According to Encyclopedia, one of the greatest catalysts to the booming technology in Austin is The University of Texas at Austin. 

The University executes world-class programs in bioengineering, nanotechnology, and bioinformatics, including pharmaceutical research. 

All of these ensure rapid scientific development and progress in the health sector. 

Aside from this, Numerous Fortune 500 companies sprawling across the city have made it highly reputable for growth and development.

a nice clear day by the lake in downtown Austin Texas

A friendly economy 

At the end of September 2003, Austin TX took an intentional step towards securing its economy by launching Opportunity Austin. This was to help strengthen companies already in existence like digital companies, computer software companies, semiconductors, wireless technology industries tourism etc.

The plan was also to attract novel industries like automotive, medical products, transportation and logistics.  In addition to this, there was a  5-year goal of Opportunity Austin to add 72,000 new jobs and increase the payroll by  $2.9 billion. Over time, all sectors have benefitted from this significant economic leap.

Freedom from heavy tax rates

In comparison to other cities such as California, Texas is ranked 46th lowest in terms of tax burden among all 50 states according to reports from the Tax Foundation in Austin.  There’s a no income tax policy. Besides, the state and local taxes amount to 15% less than the national average.

What are the pleasures of living in Austin, TX?

Enjoy live music, films, and festivals

The official slogan of Austin is   “The Live Music Capital of the World”. This is because of the energy and entertainment, the numerous musicians living over there, bring to the city. 

Not just that,  the city is always a bubbling sight, due to music and film festivals like South by Southwest (SXSW). This live event attracts a a large number of people and keeps the residents in high spirits. 

Experience nature at its best

The Texas Hill Country makes living in Austin irresistible. Aside from the warm weather, it has a bicycle-friendly landscape and the lure of calm waters like the Lady Bird Lake: a river-like reservoir on the Colorado River. You also get the pleasure of enjoying all sorts of recreational events involving paddle boat kayaks, canoes, dragon boats, and rowing shells.

Also, swimming is refreshing at Deep Eddy Pool and hiking and Biking is a whole new experience around this part of Texas, especially when you consider the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail that circles the Lady Bird Lake.

The lure of great meals

If you are looking for a Whole Foods store, Austin is the right place. With all sorts of fresh foods and a long chain of great restaurants. 

The amazing thing about living in Austin is that the food is healthy.  Almost all Austin restaurants get their food locally from farms and there are farmer’s markets sprawling across town. 

And if you like street food, you get your fill with the help of several food trucks with a reputation for top-notch delicacies like snacks, biscuits, tacos, etc.


Austin, TX is one of the finest place to live in and if you are considering moving into the neighbourhood, it is advisable for you to be in contact with someone who is familiar with the environment. And if you don\t know anyone, that is ok because in this article, we have covered all the fun places you need to visit.

We have also provided you with sufficient economic evidence as to why Austin, TX is a great place to live in. With all of these fun places, moving and eventually living in Austin will be perfect for you, as soon as you blend in and engage with the bubbling lifestyle, trending culture, and comfortable living conditions.