Top 10 Easy College Hairstyles

Do you know the secret that will help you live in sweatpants for a couple of years? A killer hairstyle. Choosing the right hairstyle will not only improve your looks but also your self-confidence. In general, college students who don’t take their looks seriously usually have low self-esteem.

Your hairstyle college will determine how comfortable you are under your skin. And this will largely determine your performance in everything you do. You need to be cute and simple at the same time. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in the salon every week.

Here are our top ten easy hairstyles for college students that they can easily make at the hair cuttery.

1. Bobby Pins

Bob hairstyle is one of the best and easiest hairstyles to maintain in college. Use a front clip and tease the back of your hair.

2. Double Braids

Double Braids

Braids are perfect for almost everything. You can work out with them or have fun at night with your friends without stress. You can level them up using extensions.

3. Modern Half-Up

This simple hairstyle is polished and amazing. All you have to do is pull your front hair while leaving another section intact. Similar to professional writers who perform better always use plagiarism checker, you should secure your hair using a barrette to look unique and great.

4. Messy Pony

Messy Pony

This hairstyle for college student will keep your hair looking fresh and fierce. You just have to mess the crown of your pony and tease the tail a bit.

5. Long braid

Every girl loves a slick pony. You can think of adding a braid to make your hair have that crispy fresh look.

6. Glam Blowout

Glam Blowout

You need not spend a lot of time in the salon getting a blowout. All you need to do is take a round brush and sweep your hair away from your face while using a hair drier.

7. Bent Waves

This is an edgy quick and easy hairstyle for school girls. The best thing about is it doesn’t take a lot of time. Make your hair straight and use a flat iron to bend the strands.

8. Braided knot

Braided knot

Braided knots will help you stay active all day long. You need about two minutes to make a pony and braid it. Make a twist and change into a bun.

9. Retro pony

Make your ponytail authentic like celebrities in the 90s. This is a simple hairstyle that is perfect for college students.

10. Glass strands

Glass strands

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get that smooth texture that you just can’t replicate? Spend some time straightening your hair ends and apply some shine.


As a student, you should be spending most of your time studying, indulging in productive activities during your leisure time and building your social life. Other students will only socialize with you if you take care of your looks.

Stunning, simple and elegant hairstyles will improve your looks without having to spend hundreds of dollars in a salon. The hairstyles discussed above will help you look classy and beautiful even if you consider yourself a lazy person.

When you look better, you’ll help your colleagues improve their looks. So what are you waiting for? Change your hairstyle today and maybe you’ll meet your soulmate easily and quickly.


Elizabeth Skinner is a talented writer and proofreader. She spends quality time sharing her insightful thoughts on student lifestyle and beauty. During her leisure time, you’ll find her walking her dog or reading lifestyle magazines.