Take Your Non-Camper Friends Camping

So you love the great outdoors. You have been going forever and still the thrill and the excitement is the same as the first time you went. You can’t wait for your holidays to arrive so you can pack your bags and head out again. The only thing is that camping alone isn’t as fun as doing it with a group of friends or your family. Now if you have a camper buddy, that’s awesome! You are one of the few lucky people. But if you are like most people, then you have friends who hate it outside. They are filled with reasons not to go camping, be it bugs, dirt, wild animals or something else.

If you are as passionate about camping as us, and if you would like to take your non-camping friends to the great outdoors and introduce them to an experience that they’ve never had, we have compiled a list of things that they don’t like and what you can do about it.

Sleeping On the Ground

Sleeping On the Ground

The major reason why people don’t like to go camping is that they would have to sleep on the ground. It’s uncomfortable, it’s cold, and they think they will wake up with a sore back and a headache to match it. But that is not a good enough reason to boycott the whole outdoor camping experience.

What your friends can do is to get portable camping cots. They can easily set them up in their tents, cover them with a sleeping pad and get a good night’s sleep. If that’s not enough, they can bring their blankets to make the sleeping situation more cozy and comfortable.

For most people that would be enough. But for those sticklers who like their comfort, they can opt for an RV with a proper bed. It’ll be like sleeping in your own bed. Plus they would have the added benefit of having a bathroom right next to them, in case of emergencies.

The Bugs Are Out To Get Me

The Bugs Are Out To Get Me

Now everyone will admit that bugs are a continuous nuisance. Even the best of us sometimes curse the great outdoors because of this. They bite, then it itches and you have this constant need to keep scratching yourself all over the body. But, fortunately, there are ways to deal with this problem

The best way to deal with them is to load up on bug spray before you head out. There are a number of options that you can choose from. There are scented sprays to herbal sprays and everything in between. You will definitely get the one you are looking for. Then there are the naturally occurring elements that can keep the bugs away like lavender.

Another trick is to keep yourself covered even if it’s hot. Wear long sleeved shirts and a pair of jeans. The less skin you expose, the less the bugs will be attracted to you. Wear white or light colored clothes. Wearing black is an invitation that the bugs just cannot refuse.

Another option is to get a screen room tent. Whether you’re camping in the Atlanta campgrounds or anywhere else. These screens will keep you safe and sound while keeping the critters out.

Hot and Cold

The outside is where you give over the remote control to nature. Nature dictates the weather and everything else. It could be hot during the day and cold by night. It could rain or get windy. Most people are afraid of these weather changes that occur during the day.

The very first thing that you need to do is to check the weather before leaving. If you prepare according to the weather forecast, there’s a good chance you won’t be bothered by the frequent changes. No matter what the forecast is, always pack some extra warm clothes just in case. Have a sweater, a pair of thermal top and bottom, and a blanket just in case. You never know when you’ll need them. It doesn’t matter a lot if the weather is hotter than you anticipated, but it can always become a problem if the weather turns cold and you always need to keep that in mind.

A Hot Bath and a Shave

A lot of campgrounds now have the facility of hot water for showers but there are still some sites that don’t have that luxury. For first timers, it could be very uncomfortable.

One thing you can do is to check what campground you are going to and what kind of facilities they have available for campers. Make sure that you choose a site that offers hot showers. Most facilities have quarter showers, so make sure that you have enough quarters for everybody.

If quarter showers aren’t your thing or if the site doesn’t have the system, you can always opt for an RV. That will take care of the whole hot water problem.

The Wild Animals

The Wild Animals

One thing that the great outdoor is famous for is the wildlife. There are chances that you might see a bear or some other animal while camping.

While bears are dangerous, not all of them are. Depending on their type, they could be very passive to aggressive. The best way not to attract any wild attention is to ensure that you don’t cook near or in your tent. Keep all your food secure and not have it lying around. Make sure that you have read up on the site that you’re going to and know everything there is to know about it. The ranger station near the campsite usually has all the latest information about the area. So choose your destination carefully.

So here you go. Some of the most widely used reasons not to go camping and how you can persuade your friends to go in spite of them. They might have more bad things to say about the great outdoors, but the more reasons they give you, the more solutions there are for them. So keep at it and persuade them to go with you. After the first time, you won’t have to convince them about it anymore. The intoxicating and exhilarating experience will do the rest.