An Easy Guide for Buying the Best Men’s Golf Polo Shirts

The golf polo shirt is a classic gentleman’s piece and is not only worn by golfers nowadays.

Between a dress shirt and a t-shirt, this is the ideal outfit for many life events that are not too formal but are not too casual as well. It is a perfect shirt for summer gatherings, an outdoor BBQ, and even when you are not entirely sure where you will end up for the day.

For everyday casual wear, a comfortable, breathable mens golf polo shirts are as convenient and easy as a shirt, but appears classier, and requires less effort to upgrade your style. Polo shirts are associated with a diverse range of professional golfers, from Jack Nicklaus to Phil Mickelson. There are various types of polos for different days, and they could be crafted and styled in several ways.

Here is an easy guide for buying the best men’s golf polo shirts:


There are only a handful number of technical details to learn about polo shirts, but it is useful to know the fabrics it is available in, especially the two primary types.

Polos offer in a wide range of fabrics, from organic to synthetic. Synthetic materials make up the performance blends used for polos, just like specially designed activewear, which is often worn by golf enthusiasts. Silk and silk blends are an alternative, but they reveal the sweat quickly while losing color when they get wet. Polyester-cotton blends and pure polyester prolong the life of a shirt but is less breathable and smells easier.

Wool and its blends incorporate “retro” style polo shirts. It is ideal for wearing in colder weather.
For warmer months, polo shirts are a thing since most of which is 100% cotton and breathable. It is the most popular and suggested fabric for these tops.

Cotton polo shirts come in two major types:


Pique is knit in a weaved pattern, which gives the structure a textured surface. The cloth is a little thick and bulky. However, the gaps in the mesh make it breathable, so it does not show when you are sweating. Usually, the sleeves end up with a ribbed cuff or band. With more structure and composition, pique polo shirts are dressier and look more professional.


The jersey polo shirt is manufactured with the same form of material used in t-shirts and has the same plain, sleek, comfortable, and stretchy style. The sleeves in jersey polos end in a plain hem instead of a distinct cuff. A jersey polo shirt is lighter but less durable and makes sweat visible. The lightness and comfortability of the fabric give it a more relaxed feel.


If it comes to sporting the classic polo, the most crucial aspect is to perfect the fit. Below are two standards to check:


The lower hem should not be any longer than midway down the back pockets of your pants.
It should not be higher than your hip and never lower than two inches below the waistband.
The top should be long enough to be tucked in, and short that it can still be worn comfortably without looking large for your frame.


It should hit the bicep about halfway and move only two-thirds down the upper arm.

Ultimately, the polo shirt should be fitted but should not wrap your body too tightly. It could be tighter on the chest and arms but loose as it goes down your waist. If you are in excellent shape, it can show off your body structure, but you should still be able to stick two fingers under each sleeve.

The polo is the gentlemen’s statement piece. However, simple doesn’t have to be boring, so always wear it with style.