The Ring Essentials

The new trilogy these days is of the Rings, Earring and nose rings. The first thing that pops up in one’s mind when you say the word ‘ring’ would be the one that we usually wear in the fingers. However, if you have a closer look at it, even earring and nose rings are a form of rings. So let us go one by one and get to know the ring family better.


Rings- rings, as mentioned above, are basically worn in the finger and in some cultures, people have rings for their toes as well. The ring symbolizes eternity, which is indicated by the shape of rings, that is, circle. You can check for American studded rings, gold rings, platinum love bands, diamond rings with price at different online portals, as well as in at your favourite jewellery shop. If you are looking for a durable and long lasting ring, then opt for a ring made up of precious metal like gold or platinum with diamond cuts. If you are a college student and wish to create style statements for which you change your rings as per your everyday outfit, then go street shopping and buy a bulk of rings from any stall don’t forget to bargain and get the best deal. If you are planning to propose your partner for marriage, then check out diamond rings or platinum rings, and try to get a pair that would complement each other.

Earring- from studs, to jhimkis, to long earrings, this is one accessory that has a wide range of options to choose from. If you are wearing an Indian outfit, then a heavy pair of earring would be ideal. If your outfit in itself is loud, then opt for studs or pearl earring. A set of earrings and neck piece go hand in hand, so chose your set wisely. You can choose from hoop earrings, drop earrings, jhumki earrings, studs, dangle earrings, barbell earrings, and so on. Based on the occasion, you can decide whether you want to wear a heavy pair of earring or a simple option of a similar design. If you haven’t had a pie simple optioncing or if the piercing is no longer present, then there are options of earrings that do not require the piercing. You can, however, take the painless forms of ear piercing too.
Nose ring

Nose ring- there is a new trending love for nose rings these days, especially with the young population. Nose rings are quite common among the Indian population and slowly, it is becoming a fashion trend in the west as well. The nostril piercing, which the most common one, is the simplest form. Then there is high nostril piercing, septum piercing, bridge piercing, nasallang piercing. You can opt for a simple stud, a tiny one or a big one or maybe more traditional design, like the Maharashtrian nathh. Be careful with the hygiene aspect of nose rings, and clean it frequently to avoid any kind of infection. So is the case with the rings and earrings as we/ll.