How to Be the Chicest Bride: Follow These Simple Steps

You’re a trendy, powerful woman who wants to be seen as the best version of herself possible on her wedding day. You love everything fresh and on-trend, so why not make sure your wedding reflects that about you? You can turn any event of any size and budget into a luxurious, chic retreat worthy of fashion magazines.

In this guide, we’ll share the latest trends, ideas, and fashion to inspire you to be the chicest bride. It’s time to get started planning for your big day! You’ll be saying “I do” in style in no time.

1.Mix and Match Bridal Styles

Mix and Match Bridal Styles

One of the hardest parts about “saying yes to the dress” is finding the right style to suit your taste and your bridal party’s taste. As a bride, you want to look your best. Don’t feel like you have to commit 100% to a single style when there are so many modern touches to choose from.

Opt for a vintage dress with a modern cut or color. Try antique accessories to add a layer of excitement. There’s no one-size-fits-all rulebook to follow. Do your own thing. In addition, have fun with your bridal party gowns. Who said bridesmaids had to all wear the same thing? For more style inspiration, visit

2.Less Is More

Less Is More

If you know you want to look chic, but you’re not sure how to pull it off, go with the less is more mindset. We’re often faced with so many over-the-top options for our wedding that we forget that beauty really can be in simplicity.

Make a nod to minimalism with a minimalist wedding gown that lets your inner (and outer!) beauty shine bright. Choose minimalist themes for your wedding decor, letting the natural setting or venue speak for itself. There’s something ultra-stylish about going simple.

3.Add Greenery

Florals are a classic look that’s standard at any wedding. However, we’re starting to see a shift that’s a lot greener. Instead of using floral arrangements and decor, why not use greenery? This is simple, contemporary, and extremely budget-friendly. The right greenery mixed with flowers, baby’s breath, and other pops of color will really add an element of nature to your big day.

4.Go Monochrome

Monochrome looks are all the rage, and it’s easier to pull off this style than you think. When you choose a monochrome pallet, you mix materials. This is a modern, effortless touch that looks a lot more luxurious than it is. You can use this with your flatware, your florals, and even your decor. Think beyond gold and silver.

5.Personalize Your Day

Personalize Your Day

Last but not least, don’t remember to personalize your big day with those special touches. Personalizing is more than just a trend, it’s a way to make your wedding day a memory that lasts a lifetime. Think about the small details that mean something to you, and make sure they’re a part of your big moment.

Perhaps you hire a live band, an artist, or some other form of unique entertainment to make sure your event stands out. Maybe you focus more on exciting food rather than decorations. These are the little things that turn the blandest wedding into a chic affair.

Is your wedding day something spectacular to be remembered? If not, follow these chic steps above. These ideas are perfect for making your special moment something that will make an impact.