Should You Get an MCAT Tutor?

The MCAT is a medical entrance examination to study Medical Science in The United States, Australia, Canada, and The Caribbean Islands. Here is some information about the MCAT to help you decide the best way for you to prepare:

About the exam

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The exam not only assesses the candidate’s knowledge of scientific principles and concepts, but also focusses on the aspirant’s problem solving and critical thinking skills. The examination is now available as a computerized test as well. MCAT examination can be taken a maximum of 3 times in a year; 4 times in two years and 7 times for life. Thus, each attempt is crucial to fulfilling the dream of becoming a medical student.

The exam covers knowledge on Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior, etc.

How to prepare

How to prepare

Various commercial institutes offer a flawless preparation for MCAT preparations. Of course, there is an option of self-study as well but using an MCAT tutor does help in overall preparation. You could be taking the examination the first time or repeating it, either way it will help you to work on your shortcomings and help you with the MCAT preparations.

Let us understand a little bit more about the preparation methods:

1.Offline Classroom Method:

In a batch of students, you follow a standardized pattern of examination preparation. You might not be able to get 1-on-1 attention and studying might get monotonous. You also might be dependent on a single institution to get experts on all the subjects, which might mean that you’re not getting the most qualified with certain subjects.

2.Online Classroom Method:

Online classes which you can pause and replay later for reference too. You might be stuck on a topic that you are already good at because of the fixed class curriculum. Interactive CDs and questionnaire could help you with the situation of feeling monotonous after a few classes.

3.Hire a personal MCAT Tutor:

A personal tutor for a 1-on-1 focus on your areas of weakness will offer extensive practice and complete undivided attention on your preparation. You can also hire MCAT tutors for different subjects. Tutors who are experts in a particular subject will help you to learn in a much better way than 1 tutor teaching you all the subjects.

How and where to look for an MCAT Tutor

How and where to look for an MCAT Tutor

You can find a suitable tutor through various methods. Each aspirant has its own way of studying and thus, it is important to find a tutor that can understand your needs best and teach you in a way you can learn easily.

Look for the tutor online:

Look for the tutor online

Teachers often put their portfolios or reviews online, and you can try out demo classes to be sure.

Word of Mouth:

People already in the field of medicine might be able to help you with a few names. People with experience can help you best with where to go and what to expect scenarios.

You must take a few demo classes from MCAT tutors to ensure that you know what you are getting into. Adjust the timing according to your comfort and give yourself enough time to fully prepare and revise your strategy as needed.