The Power of Feminine Sexual Energy

Sexual health transcend over the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social wellbeing of individuals. In fact, sexuality goes beyond one’s ability to desire sexual relations with another, for procreation or just arousal for a moment. This life force runs through your body and plays an integral part in an individual’s body that encompasses everything from longevity and creativity to health.

Sex hormones are not only responsible for your erotic desires, but also enable the proper function of your body, while preventing disease and extending your life. The human sexual nature is what brought you into being, stimulates your growth, and creates the momentum required to keep humans evolving. Here are more ways the feminine sexual energy is critical.

Effect on Personal Empowerment

Effect on Personal Empowerment

Due to sexuality’s innate power, humans have long worked towards controlling it’s expression – from birth and beyond. Such thought processes play a major role in inhibiting an individual from truly experiencing her individual empowerment.

In the modern world, culturally instigated sexual violence against all genders has made it difficult for people to embrace their sexuality. Atrocities like sexual violence, abuse, and rape should be a major concern as they have a direct effect on the human evolution.

Sexuality as a Power Source

For millions of years, it’s been clearly demonstrated that women have amazing human sexuality powers that are a source of healthy, wellbeing sexual connection, and joy. In fact, everyone experiences some form of sexual connection, whether they are ready to procreate or not, and orgasm is experienced as a pleasure feeling away from conception.

Female sexuality has a great purpose and power, supporting you to experience high levels of overall wellbeing, openness, relaxation, and bliss. All these qualities lead to improved productivity, life resiliency, mood, and immunity. Your sexual pleasure is a powerful center that contributes to your general wellbeing and ought to be cultivated to realize maximum success, creativity, and health.

Over the years, women are cultivating their sexual energy to empower their wellbeing via naturally pleasurable items like sacred bathing. Other ways of getting the energy included sensual dancing, feminine arts, sensual foods, massages, aphrodisiacs, and sexy lingerie, women’s intimate apparel, bedroom lingerie | 3WISHES.COM. The point is that it’s time women nurture their bodies, and discover new ways of pleasuring and pampering themselves.

Celebrating Female Sexuality

The sensual force should be protected, honored, and celebrated considering the influence it has on entire lives. Upon birth, newborns are welcomed to the world with clothing that helps distinguish their gender – based on their sexual organs. Gender plays a pivotal role in the games, books and toys children use as they grow up.

In consideration of the role it plays, nurturing your body via sensual self-care ought to be priority towards achieving empowered health. In the end, female sexuality becomes a phenomenal powerful force that holds amazing potential.

More than Reproduction

More than Reproduction

Women possess the capacity to have extended and multiple orgasms, and can have sexual relations for pleasure – as opposed to just for reproduction. Furthermore, women can also experience orgasms when other parts of their bodies are stimulated, including breath and mind.

A woman’s sexuality is not for reproduction purposes alone. Most mammals engage in the sexual act during their estrus – seasonal fertility cycles.


At the end of the day, accepting and practicing sensual self-care will help you create a deeper connection to your powerful feminine sexual side that activates your innate power as a woman. Before you engage in positive relationships, care for others, and thrive in the modern world, it’s vital that you take care and nurture yourself so you have enough energy levels to keep you going.