How to Select The Perfect Prong Setting for Your Ring

Finding the right prong setting to hold your diamond or gemstone can be crucial to the overall ring. You will find that the most popular for solitaire engagement rings is the prong setting which holds the stone securely in place. These tiny metal attachments give you peace of mind whilst helping to give the right amount of attention to the sparkling jewel on your finger.

However, when it comes to choosing the right prong setting, things may get tricky. The more you look around, the more you see there are more options out there than you thought. This is why customising jewellery is so popular. The customer gets exactly what they want in a ring which contains the prong setting they desire. You can discover stunning custom jewellery Sydney ladies will love and which gives you the choice of any claw setting you wish.

How To Choose The Best Prong Setting For Your Ring

How To Choose The Best Prong Setting For Your Ring

There are different types of prong settings for your centre stone which consist of:

Four Prong Setting – Among the prong settings you should know is this most common setting for solitaire and engagement rings. This is because this setting really brings the diamond to the forefront so it can truly be shown off to onlookers. Consisting of just four metal appendages, this setting is suitable for 1 carat diamonds or less. Anything that is weightier may need a higher prong setting to help hold it in place as the last thing you would want is to lose it.

Six Prong Setting – This is less common but is highly recommend for heavier diamonds that are larger in carat weight. This six-prong setting is also known as the tiffany setting. Even though it shows off less of the centre stone, it is much more secure and recommended if you have a diamond of higher value.

Over Six Prongs – You can get anything over six prongs. This will support a much larger stone normally. The rule is that the more prongs you have, the more protected and snug your centre stone will become. What you will want to think about is how you can create the balance between keeping it secure and ensuring enough of it can be seen so you’re happy with the overall look.

V-Shaped – These types of prongs are great for a fancy cut diamond. This way, the edgy corners are protected to prevent them from becoming chipped and from wearing away.

Customised Prongs

Customised Prongs – This is the speciality option for those who want their solitaire ring designed to the last detail. You can go for double claws to highlight the beauty of emerald cut stones, for example.

As you can see, the most important part of choosing the prong is knowing that your stone is secure. Once you get balance right, you will have a stunning ring that you feel safe and secure wearing every day.