Chic Dressing Like The French Women

They say the French woman is the chicest among the women of this world. So, if you’re looking to dress like the world’s chicest females, then we need to uncover the secrets of how the Gallic woman makes fashion decisions.

Check out these tips and tricks to dress like a chic woman:

Stick to strict style rules.

Parisian women understand and stick to fashion guidelines that govern how they wear colours, prints, and fabrics, among others. There are seven key qualities that define French fashion, according to personal stylist Alois Guinut, which highlight elegance, effortless understatement, sensuality, fun, and individuality. Breaking the rules and an “I woke up like this” effect are also qualities of Parisian style.

Only wear heels that you can comfortably walk in.

Only wear heels that you can comfortably walk in.

Whether you’re French, American, or Asian, nothing can be more off-putting than tottering in high heels. Any woman in classic flats will look more attractive than someone who wobbles in six-inch stilettos. Evidence of this can be seen in French luxury brand Chanel’s footwear collection, which sticks to the comfy toe-cap mules in lieu of towering stilettos.

Define the waist.

It’s not about exaggerating the waistline but rather creating an attractive silhouette. This can be easily accomplished with the help of a belt, particularly over loose-fitting clothes like tunics and wide-leg bottoms. Semi-fitting dresses like a wrap dress, belted shirtdresses, and nipped in waists. When choosing formal dresses for special occasions for example, find a dress style that flatters the waistline. You may get one of those stylish 2019 green prom dresses that will surely make you stand out.

Try sultry ensembles.

But don’t go all out flirty. Try wearing a black dress with a thigh-high slit and then top it off with a fashionable overcoat or blazer. The Parisian concept of beauty involves revealing what is already there instead of adding to it or hiding it. So, yes, wear sultry ensembles, skip the underwear if you want, but avoid heavy make-up, push-up bras, and gaudy hairstyles.

Wear blazers.

Wear blazers.

No French wardrobe is ever complete without a blazer. This tailored apparel gives the outfit a well put-together appeal and should never be underestimated. Invest in a timeless piece of clothing, like a classic leather jacket. You can also opt for Boho suede coats, bombers, biker jackets, and other types of beautiful outerwear. Even if you only have a shirt and jeans on, if you have a smart jacket on, then you’ll be a chic woman taking over the streets.

Here are some stylish suggestions on wearing coats or blazers. If you have a petite figure, go for a short trench. If you are tall, choose a long trench made from a fluid fabric. An unbelted trench will be good for those who have no defined waists or a round belly. Finding the right blazer to flatter your shape is key to winning the French chic style.

Bare your legs.

Perhaps Parisians are truly blessed with excellent legs, but bottoms with a good length that allow you to flaunt your legs are attractive fashion choices. Just make sure that you do not overdo it and reveal more than is necessary.

Stick to a signature look.

Stick to a signature look

While the Parisian woman is a free spirit, she rarely dives into the latest trends. These women will update their wardrobes, yes, but they stick with their signature look. Once they’ve found the styles and designs that flatter their body shape, skin color, and ultimately make them feel pretty, then they abide by these.

Be confident and nonchalant.

Whatever they’re wearing, it’s the air of confidence and nonchalance that makes French women undeniably attractive. So, whatever outfit it is you’ve decided to wear, channel the blasé vibe of the Parisians.

Now that you know how a French woman puts together attractive ensembles, you can follow their style of comfort, efficiency, and chicness.

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