4 Supplements Women Can’t Go Without

Our health is one of the most important possessions we have, that is why we must do something in order to maintain its good state. Failing to become healthy brings us a lot of harmful consequences, fail to grab opportunities and shortened chances of survival.

In order to maintain the good health, we used to hear eating the right amount of food, active lifestyle and taking vitamin and mineral supplements as general rules. Of course, here are factors that needs to be considered in identifying how much right is right for our bodies, and one of these is the gender. Women’s body are more vulnerable than men’s because lots of changes happen as they age. Things like menstruation, pregnancy, birth delivery and menopause are some of the contributors for the adjustment women need in their bodies, especially as they age.

With so much supplements in the market plus the different perspectives of health professionals and health bloggers, identifying the supplement to take is really a confusing thing especially if you are a woman aging 40 years old and above. Aside from conducting your own research like in supplements Yes Wellness site before purchasing a particular supplement, consultation with your trusted doctor along with some laboratory tests must be done to ensure that you are taking the right supplement, according to your health’s present condition and age as well.

To give you an idea, here are some of the supplements that is always present in almost every experts’ recommendation that you can consider checking on:



An essential fatty acid, this is important especially for the fact that our bodies do not have the capacity to make them. Known in the presence of fish or flaxseed oil, women need this fatty acid because:

  • It improves the blood flow
  • It lessens the risk of having ADHD
  • It improves the functions and health of the brain and the heart
  • It helps thicken the hair
  • It helps the skin glow
  • It minimizes the risk of having depressions
  • It reduces the joint and muscle inflammations
  • It eases joint and arthritic pain
  • It is essential for proper fetal growth and development

As you add Omega 3 in your diet, do not forget to reduce Omega 6 in your intake because it promotes inflammation.



Just as you thought that probiotics are only good for the children, these also gives essential benefits to a woman’s health.

These healthy microorganisms aid in maintaining the good bacteria that is needed especially in our digestive system. Moreover, it can also:

  • Reduce gastrointestinal problems like bloating, diarrhea and flatulence
  • Promote healthier skin, which is one of the effects of having a good digestion
  • Minimize the risk of having vaginal yeast infections
  • Help in losing weight

You will need at least 50 billion units of probiotics every day, better if it will come from at least 10 different resources for maximum results.

There is no specific brand of probiotic drinks to choose from. However, you should ensure that the probiotic you are going to consume is well and properly sealed. Also, the packaging must be dark or opaque and not transparent to sure that it is protected from light damages.



This is very important for every woman especially for the fact that every time a woman menstruates, she loses blood, of course, and this blood loss also results in loss of iron quantities in her body.

Moreover, there are other benefits of iron in the body. Here are some of them:

  • Iron is a vital ingredient of hemoglobin, one of the components of our blood
  • Sufficient iron levels help to effectively transport the oxygen from the lungs to other tissues of the body
  • Iron is an important factor in proper metabolism, therefore this is also essential in maintaining the proper weight

A person who has a deficiency in iron usually experience fatigue, dizziness, having a hard time making decisions and can be easily bruised. You can be able to have adequate amounts of iron by consuming foods like red meat, poultry, spinach, white beans and sea foods. However, if you are not a fan of any of these foods especially meat, you can consider taking iron supplements as alternative or to enhance the iron amounts in your body. You can talk to your heath provider especially if you are experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms of having critically low iron levels.


This mineral is great because it helps your body to fully absorb the calcium that is present in the food and supplements you are taking. However, you should seek consultation before taking magnesium supplements because too much magnesium in the body has side effects like diarrhea, nausea and cramping.
Aside from being your partner for calcium absorption, magnesium can also:

  • Helps you to sleep faster and longer, if taken before going to bed
  • Gives relief from soring muscles after exercising due to lactate buildup
  • Aids in comfortable stool management because it is a natural laxative

Some of the foods that are rich in magnesium are almonds, some nuts, black beans and dark green leafy vegetables.