Pros and Cons Of Customised And Ready-Made Engagement Rings

Buying a customised engagement ring can be extremely special and can make the proposal that bit more meaningful. When planning to go down the customised route however, there are some factors you will want to consider.

This article will list some of the main pros and cons of going with customisation and the same with buying ready-made. This way you will be able to know which will work for your requirements and desires best. In the meantime, you can discover the diamond rings Brisbane gentlemen buy from Ringleaders. There you will find an array of options as well as the chance to go custom made if you wish.

Custom Made Vs. Ready-Made Engagement Rings: Pros And Cons

Custom Made Vs. Ready-Made Engagement Rings Pros And Cons

Benefits Of Customised Rings

  • You’re fully involved in the design process – customised gets you to being a central part of the process. Some feel like this is an important part of the engagement process and gives you a huge amount of control over the finished product. You can say yes and no to every element of the design until you reach your desired finish and perfect engagement ring.
  • You’re getting something truly unique – you are gaining something one of a kind when you go with customised. It doesn’t matter whether you want to engrave or not, no one else will own a ring quite like yours.
  • Makes it even more sentimental – as it’s your creation, it will add to the sentimentality and meaning behind the engagement ring.


  • It can take longer – as it has to be designed from the ground up, you can find the process will take weeks until reaching completion.
  • Its costlier – because you are getting something made from scratch, the likelihood is it will cost more money. You are not only paying for the ring itself but the time and effort the qualified jewellery designer puts into crafting it.

Ready-Made Rings

Ready-Made Rings


  • You can find more deals – in general, there will be more chance of catching a bargain, sale or great deal for a ready-made ring. Retailers put prices down at certain points of the year, meaning customers can save money.
  • Less time and effort – you can literally walk into a store and walk away with a stunning engagement ring on the same day. With custom made, you have to put weeks, potentially months of planning in the pipeline.


  • Not so unique – when you buy on the high-street, several people may have your ring. If being unique and one-of-a-kind is important to you, definitely go with custom made as there are certainly no guarantees with ready-made.

Reading through the pros and cons is a great way to get a bigger idea of what you’re looking for and build your requirements accordingly.