Five Good Reasons to Start Traveling

Hiker in sand desert. Sunrise time.

“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

It’s a rare soul who does not at least dream of travel. Even those who never venture beyond the loop between their flat, office, and the corner supermarket can be caught staring at the mountain peaks, waving palms, and rippling waters used to promote the color quality of the big screens in the electronics store.

Travel stirs something in the human soul. Perhaps it goes back to our days as migratory hunter-gatherers on the African plains. Travel is a break in the monotony. Some people do it for relaxation, some for education, and some just feel better when the view out the window is in motion.

We are fortunate to live in an age of relatively safe, comfortable, and affordable travel. Millions avail themselves of that good fortune every day. And you should join them. To make it easier to convince yourself, your significant other, and your boss, here are five perfectly sound reasons to start traveling right now.

Travel is Good for Your Health

Travel is Good for Your Health

It is well-known that vacationing lowers stress, promotes mental health, and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke in both men and women. But the simple act of travel itself, even the non-vacation variety, has significant health benefits. Travel gets you moving – Humping that suitcase through airport corridors, standing erect in lines, and scurrying to make connections is good exercise. And that’s before getting lost on the walking tour and spending 7 hours hiking through the back streets of some foreign city.

Travel Makes You Smarter

Research findings reveal that chimpanzees that regularly travel the far through their Ugandan forests are more resourceful and intelligent than non-travelers. Traveling fosters tool use and other innovative behavior among chimps. In humans alike, travel stimulates higher levels of brain function, increases attention span, and boosts long term memory.

Travel is Easy

Travel is Easy

Changes in world culture and geopolitical relationships make travel very easy now. International agreements around Visa Waiver Programs have largely eliminated many common barriers once associated with travel. For example, UK citizens can visit the USA, a relatively difficult destination to obtain a visa for, merely by filling out a brief application for the ESTA, or Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. And even that can be simplified by engaging a professional ESTA application service such as found on this website.

Travel Helps You Lose Weight

Travel can induce significant weight loss. The longer and more exotic the trip, the more profound the effect. Mind you, this is not just kilos lost battling food- or water-induced dysentery. The simple fact is you are likely to be away from refrigerators, sofas, crisps, and the like. You may explore countries where fresh rather than processed foods and small portions are the norm. You may constantly be around people much smaller than you. And you’ll be on your feet exploring, which certainly beats sitting at your desk. All in all, it can add up to a sound weight loss program.

Travel Makes You Appreciate Life

woman hiker enjoy the view on mountain peak cliff

Returning home, you will be refreshed, invigorated, and glad to see a toilet that does not involve squatting. The quality of your mattress will have improved, your shower will be hotter. You will find yourself being grateful for the small things.

And excitedly planning your next excursion.