3 Romantic Proposal Ideas for This Summer

People are always looking for new and exciting ways to pop the question and some like to be very creative in how they do ask their partner for their hand in marriage. People have proposed thousands of feet up in a hot air balloon, people have proposed at the bottom of the ocean and in just about every other environment imaginable, and if you are lacking in inspiration, here are a few proposal ideas to consider.

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  • Hire A Jet Ski – If you are both spending a day on the beach, wait until the sun is about to set and hire a jet ski for half an hour. Ride out a little until you are surrounded by the ocean, cut off the engine and pop the question. You could always pretend that the jet ski has broken down, leaving you both drifting helplessly in the ocean, and just when she begins to worry, you can produce the ring. She certainly won’t be expecting a marriage proposal while out at sea, and with the ring securely kept in a zip pocket, you won’t lose it.
  • The Sand Castle Beach Surprise – If you are both spending the day on the beach, wait until she is not around and quickly make a small sandcastle and insert the ring box inside. Then you can call her over and ask her to examine the sand castle a little closer, which will reveal a shiny diamond ring, which you can then slip over her finger. There are other variations of this, but you must make sure that the ring does not get misplaced, which would be disastrous. If you would like to browse those engagement rings NZ women fall instantly in love with, check online jewellers’ stock. An online search will help locate a specialist jeweller who would have a great selection of diamond rings at affordable prices.
  • The Romantic Hike – This one requires a lot of preparation, but if you really want to surprise her, you can hide the ring somewhere along your planned hiking route, and when you reach that point, you can pretend to find a small bag. She would never dream what would happen next, and when you go down on one knee and take out the ring, she will certainly be lost for words. Make sure you have a cooler nearby with a bottle of champagne and two glasses, so you can both celebrate in style.

The Romantic Hike

There are many more unique proposal ideas you can find online. All you have to do is make a quick search on Google. It should result in articles that give you some inspiration to come up with the perfect scenario to spring a surprise.

The summer is an ideal time to propose, and by spending a little time on finding a creative way to pop the question, she will remember the experience forever, and you can both look back with fond memories of the day you asked her to marry you. If you have yet to choose the ring, find out her ring size (one of her friends can help with this) then search the online jewellery stores, who would have a wide range of diamond ring designs to choose from.