Everything You Need to Know About Longines Watches

There is a wide range of watch brands in the Haute Horlogerie Industry which you might have a hard time memorizing if you are a new watch collector. On the list, one of the most popular manufacturers that offer affordable timepieces is Longines. Since you are about to start your collection of watches, make sure to allocate space for a Longines watch. In this article, you would know more about the brand which will help you decide if it is worth buying. 

The history of Longines

The Longines Watches look so different today compared to the company’s early years in the industry. The reason behind this is that a lot of things changed including how the company operates and uses technological innovations.  If you will look at its history, you can conclude that the company went through so many challenges and victories that led to its success today. Along the way, it had to adopt new techniques, complications, components, and designs, to attract a wide audience. 

The company started operating in 1832

Auguste Agassiz who used to work in the banking industry decided to launch his own watchmaking enterprise together with his business partners named Henri Raiguel and Florian Morel. They established the company known as Raiguel Jeune & Cie in Saint Imier, Switzerland. A few years after that, they built an assembly facility moving away from their initial business function. They widen their market by delivering their assembled watches in America. 

Changes in management

Auguste Agassiz became the sole owner of the company when Raiguel and Morel left and retired. Soon after that, he suffered from poor health and his nephew named Ernest Francillon replaced him. He introduced numerous changes to address the wants and needs of its target market. For instance, he acquired land located in the Southern Saint-Imier where he built a factory named Les Longines. Instead of using cylinder escapements and keys to wind the watches, Francillon decided to utilize a key-wound mechanism in 1867. 

The pursuit of industrialization

It was in 1867 that the company changed its name to Longines. It was also the year when Francillon hired Jaques David to manage the factory they built in Saint Imier. He was responsible for managing the equipment and setting up mechanical systems. When David together with his team attended the World’s Fair in Philadelphia. During that time, they learned a lot of new things about watchmaking and incorporated them into their operations. Later on, the company became capable of producing its in-house movements. Nowadays, it is one of the watch brands that people have high respect and admiration for.

Watch models manufactured by Longines

  • Longines Heritage L36744506

The Longines Heritage L36744506 is a timepiece exclusively for men which is the reason why it has a large case diameter. It is a versatile watch which you can use for all sorts of occasions. You will surely love its timeless design and accuracy that you can’t find in any other brands. Starting from the dial, it comes with luminous silver-tone hands and indexes that guarantee impressive visibility even if you are in a dark area. For the round case, the brand made it using stainless steel which is the same material used for its band. The Caliber L633 allows the watch to serve its purpose for up to 38 hours after fully winding it. Lastly, it has an impressive water resistance which means that you can use it in your underwater activities. 

  • Longines Master L28594786

The Longines Master L28594786 is another watch for men which has a simpler design compared to the previous model. The silver dial with blue hands and Arabic numerals make it look more interesting. The stainless steel case has a large diameter measuring 44 mm with a height of 14.5 mm and a lug width of 22 mm. You will love the transparent back if you are fond of observing the technical side of watches. You can use it for approximately 54 hours once completely wound but be careful not to submerge it in water since it has very low water resistance.

  • Longines Spirit L38104539

If you want a watch that can function for more than five days, then this Longines Spirit L38104539 is for you. It has an impressive power reserve that other brands have a hard time imitating. The silver-tone hands and Arabic numerals complement the black dial creating an attractive look. The round case measures 40 mm in diameter and comes with a solid back. The company manufactures the case and strap using stainless steel materials. It can withstand water with a depth of 100 m so you are free to wear it when swimming, diving, and snorkeling. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Are the watches produced by Longines great investments?

Not all Longines watches are great investments but if you are after those timepieces that appreciate in value, make sure to purchase the models with limited supply. Also, do your research about the brand’s watch model with very high demand in the market. Once you acquire this, there will surely be people in the secondary market who are willing and able to buy it from you at an amount higher than its retail price. 

  • What are Longines watches made of?

The company uses 1kt rose gold or 18kt yellow gold to manufacture the majority of its watches. Since they are high-quality materials, the brand can demand a higher price for them. They usually cost more than $2 500 but if you want to work within a limited budget, then it is best to purchase other watch models. You may opt for gold-plated watches because they are more affordable.

  • Does Longines offer mechanical and quartz watches?

Yes, Longines manufactures both mechanical and quartz watches. You have the freedom to choose which one will best suit your lifestyle and budget. They are more affordable than the watches offered by other brands despite having the same quality and durability. 

In Conclusion

Longines is a luxury brand that collectors and enthusiasts consider as one of the market leaders in the industry for several decades already. Throughout its entire operation, it never fails to offer unique watches with high precision and excellent performance. If you find the three watch models listed above appealing, you can order them on TheWatchCompany.com!