5 Reasons You Should Own a Mechanical Wrist Watch

A mechanical watch is a great watch to own for its extensive features that give people something to hold onto for a long time. Its compatibility is something that it should be reckoned with. They are watches that improve style and class. Mechanical watches are made out of materials that are of quality and significance. Their history is generational and known to have a heritage that is admired.

Mechanical watches are watches that make one feel comfortable. It is a symbol of craftsmanship and has immense value to the wearer. Unlike quartz watches sold at a relatively affordable price in every store, mechanical watches are more expensive and exclusive. Here are five reasons you should own a mechanical wristwatch.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

This is one of the things that should endear you to mechanical watches. It is one of the reasons why people love mechanical watches. Because of the amount of intricate detailing into wristwatch construction, the prices are higher than automatic or quartz watches. For example, the Audemars Piguet price may be double that of a mechanical wristwatch from Casio. 

People are amazed at the work done on these watches like a Hublot because of how advanced and sophisticated they are. One might be impressed with and by the way some watches are, but get more impressed because of the craftsmanship attached to this watch. For those highly in love with craftsmanship and engineering, you will have no need not to admire the excellent work put on mechanical watches. 

The various functions of an advanced mechanical watch result from the conglomeration or the assembly of good parts to make it have an excellent function. Anyone that continues to admire well-detailed engineering will always feel elated when people who know them to be lovers of well-engineered things have an excellent wristwatch on their wrist. Absolute engineering requires time to perfect them, which goes into the manufacturing of mechanical watches. These watches are getting more advanced and crafted. The more their makers make them more expensive hence the need for more innovative and improved craftsmanship. The same techniques and standards used centuries ago in making these mechanical watches are used in making these watches with improvements.

There are different types of mechanical wristwatches, from sports watches to dress watches. Athletes, especially runners, have fearsome goals and targets. They would consistently outperform or outdo their previous laps. To achieve this, they employ the use of their stopwatches. So for each sprint or run they make, they employ their stopwatches to evaluate their performances. Swimmers, drivers, and cyclists are also left out in this. For enhanced performance, always take note that this good function should be prioritized for better results. It will be very unwise for a runner during sprints to stop and check the time. The results of such an act will inevitably be poor run performance. 

One needs a wristwatch with a sound alert system because mobile phones can be heavy and hamper a result. A very wise athlete would have to know that even during training and exercises, it would be better if their watch could alert them about their number of lapses, heart rate, etc. When athletes don’t get accurate statistics from their training or practice, it slows and declines a good performance. When their wrist watches remind them of the need to stay hydrated, their performance increases, mechanical watches are durable and can withstand the impact associated with sports. All these things can be possible because of their fantastic craftsmanship.


Another reason one needs a mechanical watch is their traditional heritage. It has had an enviable legacy for generations. It has a rich watchmaking history and tradition that is something people want to be associated with. They are different from other watches due to their heritage. For one to love these watches, one needs to revere the legacy of the watch. One of the things that make them appealing is that they continue to tick despite being old watches. The buyers’ confidence increases because they know what they are bringing for it will last for a long time and can be passed onto future generations. 


Mechanical wristwatches are usually superb and made of the finest materials, so it is natural that their worth and value exponentially in. Some of these watches are Rolex, Hublot, and other great luxury swiss watches. They are watches that celebrities are always seen with. Mechanical watches have value and have the possibility of being resold for a markup price in the future. 


Mechanical watches are known to be very durable. A good and quality watch is water-resistant, for that’s what makes it durable. The water-resistance of a mechanical watch is usually indicated at the back of the wristwatch. A watch that is water and moisture resistant increases an athlete’s performance and confidence. It can help an athlete to set a timer without having concerns about a possible timepiece breakdown.

A water-resistant quality watch should have excellent characteristics like a heart rate monitor, and for swimmers, they should have a thermometer and tide indicator. Athletes would always want to stay atop the game. This feature is an indispensable one for them. Those in water sports can clock their time underwater and ascertain when it is high or low tide. Their materials aid in making them more durable and last longer.


They are very worth admiring and enjoyable to look at for their design. There are hundreds of parts coupled together to make a wristwatch, and the finishing design speaks volumes when it comes to artistry. Watch collectors understand the value of mechanical watches and often aspire to own one. 


Mechanical watches that are worthy of attention. The price of these timepieces is a quintessential matter, and the cost of Hublot watches can be affordable. A mechanical watch’s place cannot be overemphasized, for they help accord respect to anyone wearing it. 

They eliminate the chances of people complaining over no value for money. Its durability gives comfort also. When you want to get an accessory, get a mechanical watch and feel good around without getting worried or bothered over a breakdown. On matters related to wristwatches, mechanical watches are some of the best movements.