New Buyer’s Guide: 5 Features of a Quality Wristwatch

A good wristwatch has a longer lifespan than a less-profile wristwatch. This is because the features behind a good wristwatch are excellent and original. Although it is not easy to choose a quality wristwatch, especially in a big retail shop, the signs of a quality watch are clear and convincing, and we don’t get it.

While some people refer to swiss brands to have a more secure brand wristwatch, there are big pressures on Japanese brands and German brands. Wrist Watch brands in this country – Switzerland, Japan, Germany – have established themselves as the leading watchmakers in the world. With this kind of competition among them, they would never want to go wrong about satisfying their customers’ needs.

You know a luxury watch is due to investment as well and not just for its aesthetics. Think about what it will look like to pass on a good investment in the form of a quality wristwatch. This means wristwatches are not just for the meantime. They last for decades, still maintaining their natural quality. The features of a quality wristwatch explained below are what you should always look for whenever you need a wristwatch. Read below!

The Watch Brand

Every watch comes from a brand, whether a well-known or start-up brand. Unfortunately, some of the wristwatches from luxury brands are copied by fraudsters because they know their worth.  To ensure the quality you get, you should get your wristwatch from a well-known ancestry brand – A brand that gives value first before thinking about your money or one that has a proven quality story and perfect wristwatch history. Although these aren’t the only brands out there that have proven themselves, these are the most popular. If you think you don’t want to invest in a big luxury wristwatch, brands like Hublot, Tissot, Timex, G-Shock, and so on will give you what you want. 

A good brand will always take the liability and cover any faults that come up with your newly purchased watch. They are always ready to give back a secured warranty to your wristwatch.  Make sure you take note and research the brand of wristwatch you are buying before you even drop your money.

Brands like Rolex, Patek Phillips, and Breguet are proven, quality, and high-performing brands out there. So, before you buy a quality wristwatch, make sure you have a quality brand with you. 

The weight of the watch

How good is the material of the watch I’m going to purchase? Weight, although not absolute, is a reliable source for concluding how reliable the material of a watch can be. You must check the weight of your wristwatch. Every quality watch must have a decent rate to it, even if they are a non-luxury wristwatch. 

Now back to the issue of branding of the wristwatch. A high-quality wristwatch from a luxury brand must list each wristwatch’s weight displayed in a pamphlet or website. It should be a purpose for wristwatch stores to have and display to their people. 

The materials of a watch

Non-luxury watches may not have the same quality of materials possessed by luxury watches. Still, they must at least be made of pure stainless steel or any other durable material. Stainless steel can not be affected by moisture and is not oxidized easily. The purest steel that you can always find in your wristwatch is 316L stainless steel. However, watches made of ceramic and titanium are more solid.

Luxury watches are made of gold, silver, or rose gold, and they don’t get affected by sweat or even cause skin irritation. This is because they are protected by PVD coating, which makes sure it stays for a longer time. Without the PVD, watches become easily discolored, and this doesn’t help at all.

You can always confirm the type of material used in the back of the watch, ask the seller about it or even conclude when buying from a valued brand. You will imagine why people use a less expensive high-quality wristwatch from the Hublot brand. It has 316L stainless steel, and you need not worry about skin irritation. 

The material of Crystal  

The crystal of high-quality wristwatches from luxury brands can be made of synthetic sapphire, a scratch-resistant material. Even if it falls multiple times or hits it on a hard substance, it will still endure the compact. The only close material is glass, and it can never be compared to synthetic sapphire.

For the crystal made of glass, it can break anytime and even inflict injury on you. Yet, many wristwatches are made of this material. Some Hublot watches, for example, are made from synthetic sapphire that can last long without damage. 

The accuracy 

Many people now use wristwatches for fashion but forget the main point of having a watch. Without a good time accuracy, it’s just jewelry with no additional purpose. A wristwatch should always be consistent with its timing process. Hublot watches have these essential features for you. Whether the movement is mechanical, automatic, or quartz, it should work non-stop. 

A watch should be able to tell the time accurately every day. The chronometer rating of a wristwatch shows the time interval and accuracy of a wristwatch. It should always be kept in mind that a good timing wristwatch has an accuracy of 10 seconds (plus/minus). 

In A Nutshell

Fake impostors can not imitate the quality possessed by a good wristwatch, and you can always know. Measuring the weight and asking for the relevant features allows you to understand that the materials used are not just painted but also real. You don’t have to worry about any problem or consequence from the watch from good brands because they easily cover you. 

When you have good watch material, especially from luxury brands, you can easily pass it on to your offspring or resell it, and it becomes a needed investment. It is advisable to only buy wristwatches from authorized vendors, especially luxury wristwatches that require a valuable amount of money.