Decoding the Ways to Buy the Perfect Bathroom Faucet

When it comes to upgrading any bathroom, faucets become the next highlight. You get plenty of options with their shapes, finish, and prices to experiment with all the possibilities to give your relaxing place a new definition of style and comfort. However, more choices also mean that you have to study them thoroughly to determine what suits you the most and why. While doing your research, you have to keep in mind several factors, too, of which the type of sink that exists in your bathroom or going to be a part of it soon warrants special attention. After all, for ensuring optimum performance, the combination of bathroom sink and faucet has to work well.

Anyway, here is a comprehensive view of all the things associated with bathroom faucets to help you make realistic goals.

Types of bathroom faucets

Types of bathroom faucets

It is essential to note that any faucet you choose has to be compatible with the sink’s hole openings. In stores, you can encounter options in single-hole faucets, widespread faucets, center-set faucets, and vessel faucets.

A single-hole faucet can feature a spout and single-lever handle, which requires drilling only one hole in the sink for installation purposes. These modern designs are typically suitable for small sinks.

Centerset models can be a perfect choice for three-hole sinks, which are the most common features. The outside holes have to be about four inches away, most likely. These faucets can have one or two handles. You can find them in many bathrooms nowadays.
Widespread faucets come with one spout and two levers. The handles tend to be at least eight inches away, which is the standard norm. These three things can be taller than an average bathroom faucet.

Of all the variations, vessel faucets can probably be the tallest design to match the height and dimension of the vessel sinks. These can prove most efficient pieces when it comes to adding a dash of elegance and sophistication. In these eye-catchy models, you usually come across single handle choices. It ensures convenience and smooth use.

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Types of installations


You can choose between a deck mount and wall mount. Both these options are fantastic, but the main challenge is with the wall mounting design. If you are building a new home, you can opt for wall mounting. It requires a complicated plumbing method, which is mostly possible when you are constructing everything. Deck mount gets more preference for its ease of installation and replacement. You don’t have to follow any strict plumbing measures to get it fixed. Plus, it can go with any interior theme effortlessly. If you want to replace this in the future, you can go ahead and get it done hassle-free. Then, it also eliminates the risk of water leakage inside the walls that can happen with wall mounts.

Besides, you may also have to decide between a single handle and two-handle faucet. A single lever faucet needs one opening for installation. With this choice, you can bask in the contemporary and transitional design appeal. Two-handle designs feature two options, such as the center set and widespread, both of which have been described above.

Centerset sink faucets for bathrooms tend to be compact. They come with the spout and two handles resting on one base plate. They can be a perfect fit for two to three holes. The handles of the faucet can be four inches apart in terms of design.

Widespread faucets feature two handles, some distance away from the centrally located spout. You can install these three pieces in the counter or on the sink; these models tend to support deck mount or three-hole mount. As mentioned earlier also, two handles have to be at least eight inches away from each other. This design is preferable for larger sinks. You may also want to choose this for its hassle-free maintenance.

Types of finishes in bathroom sink faucets

Types of finishes in bathroom sink faucets

Finishing does matter because it tends to be the protective and decorative layer of your accessory. Nowadays, you get a variety of options with metal finishes. Each of them has something unique to offer. From shiny to polished and textured, there can be significant differences in the surface. For example, you can come across brass bathroom faucets in satin and gloss finish in addition to others. These durable and robust fixtures can be the right companion for vintage or antique themes. However, you may have to pay a higher price for them.

There can be chrome material as a choice with a matte, brushed, or polished surface. This material has regained its popularity owing to its durability and budget-friendly nature. Plus, these are again suitable for most of the themes. They may develop water spots, but you can clean that with a soft cloth.

Another standard option is stainless steel, which again can feature brushed, polished or matte surface. It is best suited for modern décor.

It can endure corrosion and spots. Its cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance are two of the strong points. However, keep in mind that the polished surface can reveal water spots over time.


Other than these, you can also discover a range of oil rubbed bronze and bronze faucets. Bronze models can have a satin or brushed appearance. These can be an excellent choice for neutral décor. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the issue of scuffing. The oil-rubbed models wear a darker look, due to which they may not go with all types of décor. But they can do justice to rustic, Mediterranean, and traditional decorations the best. They also offer scratch-resistance.

So, as you can see, there are too many aspects that you may need to consider before investing in a particular bathroom faucet model. But there should not be a problem in buying if you choose a trusted seller. A reputed store will show you only the best quality products with a warranty period. If you equip yourself with all the varieties that are available in the market, you can enjoy smooth and happy shopping experience. Plus, you can feel confident about your choice.