5 Instances Wherein Enrolling Your Kids in Learning Programs Will Prove Beneficial

School provides children and teens programs that help mold their personality, talents, and future. They gain knowledge and skills that they can use while they are studying, when they start working, and even in real life.  In the 21st century digital literacy is becoming one of the most valuable resources in every day life.  Teaching kids about computers, and implementing typing test for kids can be a catalyst for inspiring teamwork and leadership among young students.

Going to school also means discovering new talents. Though some classes and programs, students can develop and hone their skills in sports, music, writing, arts, and other areas.

Finally, students will have various opportunities to make new, life-long friends and meet possible mentors, who come in the form of teachers, in school.

Unfortunately, many students won’t experience these benefits in their school. They will have difficulties doing or achieving them due to some personal reasons or certain circumstances existing in their learning institution.

Learning programs, which many independent educational centers offer, can give children and teens the opportunities to experience many of the perks that they can’t enjoy in their schools.

When students enroll in the right learning programs, they can get the help they need academic-wise and the chance to unlock their potential. They can also enjoy various advantages that can impact their social life and their future.

When to Enroll Your Kids in Learning Programs

Although you can enroll your kids and teens in any learning program anytime throughout the year, your children can gain more benefits when you sign them up during certain instances, such as when:

They need academic support

They need academic support

Children, regardless of their age, have different learning curves. Some are faster at understanding concepts and mastering skills, while others may take longer.

If your kids are struggling in certain subjects or topics, enrolling them in an after-school tutorial program can help them in various ways.

With one-on-one or small group tutorials, your children will get assistance with figuring out the concepts they are currently learning and struggling with. Regardless of the subject, a tutor will be able to help your kids understand the topic and hone the skills they need to work on.

Additionally, a tutor can help your kids do their homework or projects. If you are not also confident with your math skills or are not up-to-date with scientific discoveries and methods, your children will benefit from the tutelage of individuals that are more knowledgeable in these areas.

All these will help your kids perform better in school. Their confidence will also get a boost, which will also have a positive effect on their academic achievement.

They need to prepare for important exams

Another key benefit students can gain from learning programs is that they will get help with studying for tests.

Since your kids’ performance in their exams will affect their overall grades, they want to be sure they can get the best scores. Although studying on their own will help them prepare for their tests, enrolling them in a revision class can aid them further.

A tutor can explain topics further and provide additional information that can help them get higher scores in their exams. Additionally, they will share test-taking tips that can boost their chances of obtaining better marks.

This is an advantage that teens about to take their SAT or ACT will benefit from greatly. If your child needs to take these exams to get into his preferred university or college, he will be prepared sufficiently for these tests beforehand.

As a result, your teen will get higher test scores, thereby allowing him to enter his dream college.

They want to widen their social circle

They want to widen their social circle

Most kids can make friends easily in school. However, some will have difficulties doing this.

Additionally, your children may want to mingle with others who share their interest or face the same academic challenges so that they can find support, talk about the same things, and discuss tips and tricks.

An after-school or holiday learning program that allows kids to explore their interests or passion can help them find the peers they are looking for. These activities give them various opportunities to collaborate and work together, thus laying the foundation for them to connect and build relationships.

When students enjoy the company of their classmates, they can bring these relationships outside the learning center and continue being friends even when their lessons are over.

You want them to benefit from mentoring

Aside from meeting kids who are their age and who share their interests, learning programs also allow children to find and connect with a possible mentor.

Learning centers employ only qualified and knowledgeable tutors. As such, they are experts in their subject areas.

Moreover, they continuously undergo training courses relevant to their core specialties.

Because of this, they are up-to-date in terms of the latest trends and practices, which your kids will also do well to know.

Due to these reasons, the tutors are in a great position to mentor or coach kids and help them start paving their path towards their preferred field of study.

If your children already have a career path in mind, encourage them to ask their tutors how they got started and whether they can give them some advice. Moreover, tell your kids to maintain a good relationship with them so that they may have a possible mentor in the future.

You want them to be preoccupied during a school break

You want them to be preoccupied during a school break

During long school breaks, children are prone to suffering from a summer or winter slide.

This is a condition wherein kids can forget whatever they have learned during the previous academic year. This will usually affect their mental ability and readiness as well once they resume studying again.

If you don’t want your kids to forget the knowledge and skills they acquired in the past school year and help them perform their best during the next one, sign them up for a summer, winter, or spring learning program.

Most learning centers have a variety of programs, which means your kids can choose which subject they want to take up. Because of this, they can review and recall certain concepts and study new ones, enabling them to be mentally prepared for the upcoming academic year.

Moreover, these learning programs are designed in ways that allow students to have fun. As such, even if they are acquiring new knowledge or relearning new ones, they will enjoy doing them.

When you find yourself and your kids in any of these situations, look for a reputable learning center as soon as possible. By doing so, you can help your children overcome their challenges and experience some advantages that can aid them in their studies and future plans.


Maloy Burman is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Premier Genie FZ LLC. He is responsible for driving Premier Genie into a leadership position in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education space in Asia, Middle East and Africa and building a solid brand value. Premier Genie is currently running 5 centers in Dubai and 5 centers in India with a goal to multiply that over the next 5 years.