Top 5 Tips To Complement Your Wedding With Custom Jewelry

The big day is near as you walk down the aisle to meet the love of your life and become one in matrimony. Things like gowns, photographers, cakes, and wedding themes are already buzzing around your head. Don’t let all those thoughts cloud your mind into disregarding wearing custom jewelry for the momentous occasion. So, here are five tips to help accessorize your wedding with the help of customized jewelry.

Less is More

When you start thinking about custom wedding jewelry, remember the following adage: Less is more. It might be tempting to wear different rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces during the event. But, you might look more like a chandelier than a blossoming bride.

Your custom jewelry should complement your dress and not take attention away from the rest of the ensemble. The gown and jewels should blend well as one fashionable piece.

For example, wear a custom wedding necklace if your gown doesn’t have an ornate neckline. If your wedding gown has a decorative neckline, consider replacing the necklace with a pair of customized earrings.

Match Metals with Your Dress

Less is More

Beginners in the world of wedding fashion might not realize that some accessories work better with specific dress colors. Although white is the industry-standard color for wedding gowns, some brides may want to wear other tones like pastel pink, cream, or red.

Make sure to pair accessories based on the color of your gown. For example, match white or ivory tones with gold trinkets since this hue highlights the creamy color of the fabric. Otherwise, you may consider silver or platinum accessories to blend well with classic white dresses.

Otherwise, you can also match metals with the highlights in the dress. For instance, your wedding gown already has gold details. If so, pick a bracelet, bracelet, or a pair of earrings with the same metallic material.

Complement Your Neckline

The decision to wear custom jewelry for the perfect wedding may ultimately depend on personal preference. However, consider the following particular rules to avoid clashing your custom wedding pieces of jewelry with your dress.

One rule that should come to mind is to complement your neckline with the right necklace. Remember, necklaces look best when worn with a gown with an open neckline. Don’t wear a necklace when your wedding dress has a closed neckline as the piece of jewelry can interfere with the gown’s design.

Also, perhaps the best necklines that can complement well with a necklace are V-neck, strapless, square, and low scoop. Follow these rules to help you choose the best neckline for your wedding ensemble:

  • The best necklace to complement a low-scoop neckline is a bib or statement.
  • V-necks look best with a classic gemstone pendant.
  • Strapless dresses work well with a simple metal or pearl choker.

Stick to the Theme

Stick to the Theme

You always want to look your best on your wedding day but it might be tempting to go wild and pick whatever custom jewelry you can find.

Instead, be sensible with your choices. Aim to use pieces of jewelry that match the design or theme of your dress. For example, your wedding gown sports flowers or wings. So, search for custom wedding accessories with these details to complement your whole look.

If you can’t decide on multiple pieces of jewelry, opt to pick one trendy piece. Balance that one bracelet, earring, or necklace with the rest of your look so your ensemble doesn’t look “over the top.”

Think Beyond the Wedding Ceremony

You might wear a wedding dress only once in your life. But, the same might not be right with custom wedding jewelry. Keep this factor in mind when you’re shopping for customized wedding accessories. It might work in your favor to spend the extra cash on more expensive pieces of jewelry.

Don’t think about custom wedding jewelry as a “one-time deal.” Instead, invest in a piece or set of custom jewelry that you like wherein you can see yourself wearing these baubles again. Also, these pieces of jewelry can be an excellent investment since you can pass them as an heirloom for when your children become adults.

By now, you can rest a little easier than before, knowing that you now know how to complement your wedding with custom jewelry. Remember that less is more. Furthermore, don’t forget to stick to the theme of the dress and the ceremony. Last but not least, trust yourself when picking jewelry for your wedding. Your family and friends may hold strong opinions regarding the matter. But, always remember that it’s going to be your wedding and not the event of someone else.