Why You Should Use Compression Arm Sleeves

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for you to see individuals wearing compression garments such as compression socks and arm sleeves when engaging in different activities.

Compression garments have many functions. Some are constructed for style to complement an individual’s overall outfit. Some use it to prevent muscle pain, while some use it to improve their performance when training in the gym, playing sports, etc.

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of a compression sleeve is and its benefits? Or you have been contemplating if you should use one or not? Then you should read on, as this article will discuss its significance and why you should wear one.

Improved Blood Circulation

Compression arm sleeves improve blood circulation by applying the right amount of pressure to your upper extremities. By compressing your arm, the diameter of blood vessels is reduced, which, in turn, increases blood flow.

Improved Blood Circulation

By having good blood circulation, you are reducing the chances of experiencing unwanted symptoms such as numbness, swelling, and pain. You are also reducing the risk of developing severe medical conditions such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and phlebitis. Mayo Clinic defines DVT as a blood clot that forms in the deep veins of your body, whereas phlebitis is inflammation in your vein.

Physical Protection

If the activities you frequently engage in require you to be outdoors, such as cycling, running, hiking, and the like, then you should consider getting a compression arm sleeve.

A compression arm sleeve can serve as a shield for your skin that can prevent you from experiencing scratches or bruises, especially when performing extreme activities. It can also serve as protection for harmful debris and insect bites.

Being outdoors means you will be exposed to direct sunlight, which can cause unwanted symptoms such as sunburn and heat rash. By wearing compression sleeves, you are adding a protective layer to your skin that can prevent these undesirable conditions.

Muscle Recovery

Participating in activities that require immense physical effort can take a toll on your muscles, Some may even experience muscle soreness. Prolonged muscle soreness can prevent you from engaging in physical activities until you have fully recovered.

Muscle Recovery

By wearing compression sleeves, you are helping your muscles to recover faster, thereby improving the healing process. Recovering in the best possible time means you can participate in the physical activities you love in no time.

Improved Performance

Compression sleeves are designed to complement the movement of your extremities, which provide strategic compression. For every action you make, your muscles are supported to ensure improved performance.

Since compression arm sleeves can improve blood circulation, it can also prevent the occurrence of muscle cramps, which are brought about by inadequate blood supply. Wearing an arm sleeve guarantee that your muscles will obtain a proper blood flow that will have a positive impact on any physical activity you engage in.

From the reasons mentioned above, it’s clear that using a compression arm sleeve can do wonders for you. Do not hesitate to get one for yourself now.