Why a Wine Advent Calendar is the Best Gift This Season

Twelve days of advent. Twelve wonderful days of wine. That is the promise a wine advent calendar holds. As a person gets older, it is harder to choose a present to give them each year. When deciding on a gift, you can never go wrong with a good bottle of wine. Here are a few reasons why an advent calendar is the best gift yet.

Not One, But Twelve

A bottle of wine is good, but twelve bottles? Now that is what you call a party! There is something to look forward to every single day for twelve days. The bottles come in a cute box package, too, which adds color to the already attractive bottles inside.

Gets one in a festive mood

Gets one in a festive mood

Nothing gets someone in a festive mood more than wine. Yes, the moment that liquid treasure comes in contact with your mouth and slides down your throat, you know your day will be a good one. Wine gives you that feeling of relaxation, which is perfect to end your busy day.

Surprise! Surprise!

You will never know what you might get. Is it going to be red? White? Champagne, maybe? Each day holds a different kind of wine from a different manufacturer or supplier.

This gift allows you to compare different brands. Who knows? You might get one from a world-renowned vineyard. Go, surprise your loved ones! While you are at it, you might want to get a box for yourself too.

Small and Glorious

There is something special about small bottles of wine. You get to have a taste of the type of wine inside without the pressure of finishing a whole bottle. It helps you decide whether you like it or not.

Small and Glorious

Buying a whole bottle of wine and finding out that you do not like the taste of it is money down the drain. Getting small bottles is a way to make sure that you buy a bottle of wine that you want.

One Bottle A Day or Twelve Bottles in A Day

As a calendar, you are supposed to consume one bottle a day. That is the recommended consumption. But there are days when one bottle is not enough. Sometimes, you need another one to get you into a more relaxed state. Or let us say you have friends over, and you have no other wine. The wine advent calendar comes in handy during these times. You get a chance to share it with your friends, and you all get a different wine. You get alcohol, variety, and fun.

You Get to Be A Hero

Everyone is so busy thinking of the perfect gift to give their loved ones: personalized cards, engraved wooden frames, and many more. A simple yet classy wine advent calendar will do the trick! It also gives you a countdown for advent as a bonus. Who would not want that?

You Get to Be A Hero

Advent is a celebration after all, and what is an occasion without wine? It is an excellent way to remind you that the festivities are in the air, and the biggest event of the year is coming, which is Christmas. Make your days merrier with a small bottle of wine a day, and let the festivities begin!