Why is Digital Marketing so Important in Today’s World?

The world is vastly changing in a number of different ways. The one that probably affects business owners the most is the need to have an online presence. Everything is online in the modern-day, including businesses. This is including how you advertise your business or company online to customers. This is known as digital marketing. Advertisements in newspapers or posters in the shop window simply aren’t enough anymore. If you want to elevate your business, you may need to look at your digital marketing methods. 

People Spend So Much Time on the Internet

Surveys show that 97% of consumers use the internet to find the product or service they require, showing how important digital marketing is on its own. But it’s also in general where people spend a vast majority of the time. On average, adults spend over three hours a day on their mobile devices alone. So it makes sense that when they require the services of a business, they’re going to try to find it online. 

Digital Marketing1

Easier to Identify Target Audience

Traditional marketing struggles with trying to reach their target audience. For the most part, it prohibits you from being able to attract the attention of a certain niche. You’ll find that you just have to wait to be approached before you can even start discovering your target audience. This isn’t the case with digital marketing. 

In digital marketing, you can identify and target your audience much more easily. You can put out certain information that is appealing to those interested in your business. See what your consumers are interested in, and then try to gain their attention and get them to follow your online pages. You can specify advertisements so that only relevant consumers will notice your business. Meaning if you are a local business in Birmingham, your target audience will be based around this area. 

Digital Marketing2

You Can Track Progress

Digital marketing makes it easy to track the progress of your business. Statistics are easy to read and understand. These numbers will then allow you to figure out what is working for your business and what isn’t. For example, if you post a poll on Instagram and it gets a large number of engagements, you might want to consider doing the same on Twitter to build your following there. You’ll also be able to see how people navigate your website. For example, what aspects of your web page do people like and not like, and what content is drawing in more traffic. 

Engage With Customers

It becomes considerably easier to communicate and engage with customers thanks to digital marketing. For example, you can be sending constant emails on a newsletter to consumers on a weekly or monthly basis. Not to mention you can respond to comments, messages, and interactions on social media accounts. So whether they have any queries or if they want to leave some productive feedback, you’ll be able to view or reply in just a matter of seconds with minimal effort.