Ways to Help Your New Wallpaper Pop

Making your house into a home can be a fun and exciting, yet challenging way to advertise your personality and customize your living space. So, whether you’re moving into a new home or just looking to spruce up an old room, you’ll want to take advantage of this list of ways to make your rooms stand out from all the others.

Don’t Leave Your Walls Bland!

A good way to add atmosphere and life to a room is through the use of small decorations. Shelves, clocks, coat hangers, and accent pieces make up a variety of adorable wall art to hang up. Paintings work for any style of home, and tchotchkes can be cute and give a folksy vibe to your living space. Small, hanging bookshelves advertise you are well-read, and are also useful to store your cookbooks, if in a kitchen, or provide light reading if in a bathroom. Shelves and cubbies are also practical and good for storage.

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Accent Your Individuality

Having an accent wall will break up the monotony of a dull room. This adds diversity and personality to an otherwise listless room. With a brighter color, you create a joyous and bubbly surprise for anyone who enters. With a darker color, you produce character, class, and sophistication. Black works well in bedrooms or personal offices. Forest green is said to inspire creativity. Light blue and pink are classic colors for children’s rooms. Dark red is sexy and mysterious, perfect for a book nook or a lounge area.

Patterns Add Pizazz

Just like an accent wall, having one wall a different pattern of wallpaper can change up and add complexity to a room that would otherwise be simple and boring. If you have one wall with stripes and the rest as another pattern, this can be a fun and bold breakup to the eyes. Floral patterns can give a cultural feel, whether an English garden type, or an exotic Japanese cherry blossom. Checkerboard tiles work well in bathrooms and kitchens and can give a cool vintage feel. If you’re feeling adventurous or creative, a full mural will also grab attention and draw the eye. Spots are a funky and retro way of making sure people know you’re fun and open-minded. There’s also patterns you can find that advertise your hobbies. If you like music, there are wallpapers with musical notes. You can also try wallpaper trimmed with little sailboats if you like more classic styles. Try to find a pattern that fits your personality.

Mirrors Make Your Room Look Bigger

A common trick that stores and realty agents use to make a space look bigger and more cheerful is mirrors. They refract light allowing for a brighter, happier room, and with a larger mirror, make the room appear to be much wider than it actually is. People like big, bright rooms, and with a mirror on one wall you can not only make yourself smile, you check also check that smile out for leftover food before you go out with friends. These will also go well with any decorations and accent pieces you may use.

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Paneling Creates Worlds and Atmosphere

Paneling is another way to add flair and personality to a room. Faux stone creates a rugged outdoorsy feel. Fake marble is a more affordable way to add class and make your friends jealous! Brick adds an intelligent, ivy league air to the room. Wood paneling is classic and is another way to give your home a folksy, country personality. Metal promotes a creative and industrial atmosphere. All of these are perfect ways to induce a welcome feeling toward all who enter the room, and gives ambience and mood to the room.

Lighten Up the Place

Installing lights can draw attention to a certain area, or change the feeling of the entire room. If you’re going for a more modern aesthetic, LEDs combined with the use of the color black creates a very sleek and imposing look. If you’re into a more artsy style, try a piece of artwork coupled with a picture light. This turns your living room wall into a gallery and will have guests staring all night long. Colored lights can also add a funky and playful vibe to a room. Pair green lights with stone paneling to get a cozy cottage in the forest type of feel. Red and green lights grant a festive appearance and are great for the holidays. Blue can create an underwater feel, and purple can seem otherworldly, which is great for kids and creative adults.