What to Look For When Choosing Bridal Lingerie?

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been dreaming about my wedding day since I was a little kid. Ladies, for your big day, you probably think you’ve got everything narrowed down, but not there’s one thing that you might have forgotten—what kind of lingerie to wear on your wedding night! This is really a big task! Ladies wake up, it’s your big day and it’ll happen only once in your life. So let’s make it special!

Okay, so you’re thinking you’re done just by getting the perfect dress? No, there’s something more you need to know. Now that your outerwear and other things are checked, let’s dive into under clothes. Your regular bras will create peek-a-boo moments that’s for sure. To avoid these embarrassing moments, choosing the perfect bridal lingerie is very important. So buckle up & let’s know some information about what to look for when choosing bridal lingerie.

Don’t procrastinate:


Ladies, procreating purchasing your wedding undergarments until the last minute can ruin your big day. Trust me, after getting the gorgeous wedding dress if you don’t find the perfect lingerie for it, you might ruin the look of your dress. So just don’t wait until the last minute. Make sure to buy them early so that you can relax a bit on your big day.



When buying a bridal bra, proper fit is a very important thing. Most bra experts feel that one common mistake that almost every woman does is choosing the wrong band size. Ladies, if your band is loose, then your bra will not provide you with proper support and lift. It will keep riding up and make you feel uncomfortable. Similarly, if it’s tight then it’ll dig into your skin and cause rashes and irritations.
Here’s how you can solve this problem- take a two-finger test! Put one or two fingers underneath the band, if there is space for more than two fingers, it clearly says that the band is large for your bust type. You have to understand that the two different elements in a bra are cup size and band size. So make sure to choose according to your size.



This is very important as well. After checking out the right fit, don’t think that you are done. There’s a lot more. The question is whether the bra is comfortable or not. So, once your bridal bra has been delivered, don’t store it until your big day. It’s best to try it out. Wear it for a whole day and see how you feel. If it is comfortable for the whole day, then it’s the right bridal bra for your big day as well.
Support and Shape
The right amount of support is very important if you want to look flawless on your big day. If you have large breasts, you don’t want your breasts lifted up around your neck. That will make you look worse. All you need is support for your breasts, while still being flattering to your figure. So you might need a lightly padded bra that provides you ample support. And if you have small breasts and you have chosen a plunging neckline for your dress, your regular bras won’t work. You need some extra uplift, and a decent amount of cleavage, so a bra with built-in pads will help you for sure in this case.

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Look and Style:


Ok, now that you’ve taken everything into account so far for your perfect bridal bra, move to the important question. Does your bra look good? Still in doubt? Relax Sweetie, there are a lot of different styles you can choose from that will suit your skin tone and dress and most importantly, make your partner look at you and say “so gorgeous”. So many online websites offer plenty of styles, available with matching thongs and bridal knickers and a lot of hot stuff with exquisite lace detailing to make your look even sexier.

Have Fun:

Possibly the most important point to remember is to ENJOY shopping for your wedding! Whether it’s your dress or lingerie or any other accessories or deciding what to wear on your wedding night, never forget that you’re supposed to be CELEBRATING every moment! Let yourself have fun with it!

So to all my future brides, please make sure to stick to all the points that I’ve mentioned and don’t forget to have a beautiful smile on your gorgeous face on your big day!