Best Colour Combinations to Decor Your Home Exterior with Beauty and Durability

Your home exterior is made to withstand seasonal changes, scorching sunlight, wind, water, dust, and dirt throughout the year. They give the first impression on the minds of visitors about your lifestyle and personality. You must choose a durable and breathable paint with an appealing colour for your exterior. An inspiring and eye-catching exterior will calm your eyes and provides relief from stress as you enter your home.

Choose one of the below colour combinations for an appealing exterior of your home –

1. Blue Exterior with red highlighters

You can paint your exterior wall with ocean blue shades with red coloured doors and windows. The bright red will guide new visitors to easily find the entry door. You can select brighter hue of Mediterranean blue colour for your roofs and trims. The shades of blue colour will match with the sky to give an astonishing glaze to your exterior.

2. White and grey combination with blue trims

White and grey combination with blue trims

The combination of white and grey colour works well to remove the dullness of your exterior due to dust and dirt. You can shade the walls with white colour and trims with blue colour. The exterior shutters and roofs can appear contrasting with grey colour. Blue trims will look bright against the white walls. White and grey are the most preferred neutral accent for exteriors. They beautifully match with bricks for a contemporary exterior look.

3. Pink and white shades

Light pink exterior walls with white trims has an exceptionally beauty charm. The pink colour matches with the spring flowers of your garden for a soothing effect of nature’s love. Paint the porch ceiling with grey colours and the entry door and windows with darker hue of pink colour. The entire combination will give a fairy-tale look.

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4. Wood textured exteriors

The light and dark hue of wood stains have an amazing warm view on your exteriors. They provide cool and artistic look to your home. You can make paint the exterior walls with light hues of brown colour to provide wooden texture. The trims and roofs can look classic with dark tones of brown colour.

5. Pale yellow and white shades

Pale yellow and white shades

You can give a traditional look to your home exterior with light hue of yellow coloured walls. It makes an appealing and inviting vibes. The porch ceiling and the roof can be made to appear brighter with white shades. The blue coloured trims will give a beach-like appearance during hot summers.

6. Brown, grey, and yellow palettes

With neutral palette of light brown for exterior walls, your exterior can get a modern design. Make the border lines with grey colour to highlight the exterior design of your home. Other structural features like trims, roofs and doors can appear overwhelming with golden yellow shades.