Tips for Destination Weddings in a Post-COVID World

It’s frustrating that you have to cancel or postpone your wedding plans due to the current pandemic affecting the entire world. There are restrictions in movements outside the house. Therefore, even if you want to pursue your plans, you have no choice but to hold off for a while. If you intend to do a destination wedding, it’s even more difficult. Most airports around the world aren’t operational, and travelling to your chosen destination is impossible.

Hopefully, the problem will end soon, and you can pursue your wedding plans. Even when that time comes, you still have to consider these tips.

Check the travel rules in your chosen destination

Check the travel rules in your chosen destination

Several countries still have restrictions even after opening up the borders. It means that you won’t find it easy to visit different places. There are also tons of inconveniences you have to deal with. It’s crucial to check these rules before you decide to have the wedding in that area. For instance, if there are still 14-day quarantine rules in place, it might not be worth it. You don’t want to get stuck for 14 days before having the wedding. Besides, your guests will probably not attend the wedding under these circumstances.

Determine the number of allowed guests

Some countries still have limits on the number of people attending mass gatherings. It could be quite stiff in some countries where the most you can have in a room is ten. You don’t want your relatives and friends to feel left out because you didn’t invite them. You also don’t want to face hefty fines for violating rules on mass gatherings.

Look for promotion packages

Given the strict lockdown measures implemented in various countries, tourism has been badly affected. Businesses closed, and even the aviation industry took a huge hit. To restart tourism, some countries intend to offer special packages to some visitors. You can look for places offering these deals and make the most of it. You might receive cheap flight tickets and hotel accommodation.

Safety should be the priority

Safety should be the priority

Even if you invited dozens of guests, you still have to observe social distancing. You should also tell your friends who feel ill not to come to the event at all. If the venue offers a thermal scanner, it would be great. It prevents sick guests from mingling with others. If you’re heading to another country, there are also fit-to-fly certificates required. Although it’s stressful getting one, it guarantees that everyone in your party is free from the disease.

There’s nothing wrong in pursuing a destination wedding if you’ve always wanted to have one. It’s a fun experience, and you deserve it.

You will also enjoy all the photos taken at the wedding. If you’re going to have a Dubai wedding, it’s an excellent idea. The sites are perfect for photos, and everything around you is breath-taking. You can seek help if you need someone to organize the wedding for you.

It might cost you a lot, but you won’t mind it.