How to Meet & Date Swedish People while Travelling

Traveling is one of the best ways to spend your time, money and emotional resources, because it gives you a hugely energetic and positive boost, especially when we are talking about traveling to one of the best countries in the world — to Sweden. But there is another way to increase that boost, to add something more into such a trip. You can combine traveling with dating. Swedes are very cheerful, open, straightforward, and warm people, they are always welcoming and show a lot of interest in communication, interaction, and dating with people from other countries.

So the first question is simple: how to start dating on the trip? Well, if you can rely on some luck, you can meet someone right in the place, in a hotel or in the nearest bar. But it is not the most solid option. Much better is to use online dating, because you can find someone before the trip and spend some time knowing each other, chatting video calling. So when you will arrive, there will be already someone you know. It may help to avoid a lot of trouble and get additional colors even before traveling is on the go.

Meet Date Swedish People

In Sweden, dating websites and applications are extremely popular. You can try, for example,, it is one of the oldest dating websites in the country with a huge audience and amazing searching algorithms. All you need to do is to fill your profile, set a bunch of criteria for the search, and start dating.

Here are some hints and tips helping you to make dating Swedes more comfortable, joyful, and successful.

  • Be prepared to go outside. Spending time in cafes, restaurants, and pubs is not a Swedes’ most popular choice. They are huge fans of sports and all sorts of outside activities, so most likely you’re dating will be spent on cycling, horse riding, hiking, camping, etc. They always have a huge amount of options, so you will be able to choose whatever you like.
  • Personal space is the main value for all the Swedes. They are very careful about all sorts of personal things. No matter how cheerful and opened they are, Swedes prefer to hide some sensitive issues deep inside. Truly personal things are open only to their families or close social circle. Don’t rush or push them too hard, just let the conversation and dating flow as it is.
  • Huge family dinners are a hobby. They adore spending weekends in a huge company with an amazingly big table and an enormous amount of dishes. You have big chances to be invited to such parties. All you need is a bottle of good wine and not to forget to welcome everyone in a house.
  • Swedes adore cultural exchange. It doesn’t matter how far you from, Swedes are very interested in other cultures, they truly enjoy learning as much as they can about others traditions, habits, customs, especially drinks and cuisine. Don’t be afraid to share everything you want and you can.

Date Swedish People

Dating in traveling is amazing from two sides. First of all, you can see Sweden not as a trespasser, but through the eyes of local people, who can show you what Sweden truly is. From the other side, you can meet your true soulmate and maybe find a romantic story, that may evolve into something more.