The Top 7 Safest Countries That are Ideal for Solo Travelers

Whether it is your first time traveling on your own or you consider yourself a seasoned pro at this point, there is no denying that solo travel can be an enriching experience. After all, you are free to create your own itinerary, visit precisely what places you want, and pick and choose what you want to see, eat, and experience. You can check African Jacana to learn more about the safest destinations you can choose from, it would limit your options and would save your time.

That being said, you need to make sure that you are considering your safety, particularly when you are traveling alone. Luckily some resources can help you track the safety of countries such as the Legatum Prosperity Index 2018. Visit to know more.

Using the data from this index, here’s a list of the top seven safest countries that are ideal for solo travelers.

1. Norway

Norway takes the top spot in the Safety and Security pillar in the Legatum Prosperity Index 2018.

As the safest nation in the world, this Scandinavian country has an incredibly low level of crime, which is a benefit for both those who live there and those who choose to travel throughout the country.


If you go as a solo traveler in Norway, you’ll have plenty of activities and sights to keep you occupied. However, Oslo (the capital) and Bergen are two of the most popular cities to visit due to their culture, history, and proximity to stunning nature such as the fjords.

2. Japan

Traveling solo in Japan is a bucket list experience for many travelers due to the breadth of culture, the delicious food, and natural beauty all around. Not to mention the fact that Japan is the second safest country in the world. This means that solo travelers don’t need to be worried about pickpocketing or being alone at night as much as they would in other countries.

This is a country that prides itself on its high level of order which comes as a direct result of the culture highlighting compliance for the collective good. That being said, if you are a solo female traveler, you may be reassured to know that there are designated women-only subway cars that you can sit in during the manic rush hour.

3. Singapore

When you hear of Singapore, the first word that probably comes to mind is “clean,” followed by “safe.” To be fair, these two adjectives sum up this island city-state very well, and for a solo traveler, there is nowhere better as the residents are friendly, but won’t bother you when you are out exploring.

While you are traveling around Singapore, make sure to plan your itinerary so that you have the chance to explore the vast diversity that is present on the island. Make sure to spend time in Singapore Chinatown, Little India, inside the temples and churches, Sentosa Island, and the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong boasts a low crime rate, well-maintained infrastructure, and world-class police and medical services, which should reduce the fears and anxieties of any solo travelers looking to spend some time in this major port and global financial hub.

Hong Kong

Obviously, common sense should always be applied, and you should listen to your instinct; however, in general, solo travelers have found no significant issues in Hong Kong travel.

Spend your time in Hong Kong eating lots of dim-sum, climbing up to Victoria Peak, and spending the evenings in the Tsim Sha Tsui district. Additionally, you may want to make a day trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, or the Ocean Park theme park.

Whatever you do, you must spend at least one evening in Victoria Harbour watching the nighttime light shows.

5. Ireland

Coming in at number five in the Safety and Security pillar of the Legatum Prosperity Index 2018, Ireland is clearly a safe country for living, working, and playing.

More than just that, this European country is fantastic for solo travelers because it is so easy to navigate (thanks to its expansive network of public transportation). There is stunning scenery, delicious food, and an interesting history for you to encounter.

Add in the fact that they speak English, the locals are friendly, and there is affordable “homely” accommodation in the form of bed and breakfasts, and you have an equation that equals a fantastic solo travel destination — some of the top cities to visit are Dublin, Belfast, Galway, and Sligo.

6. Malta

You may be surprised to learn that Malta is ranked the sixth safest country in the world because not many travelers opt to visit this underrated European country (it also happens to be one of the smallest countries in the world).

This is a shame because it is undoubtedly a year-round destination thanks to its pleasant climate. Travelers here are quick to notice that the Maltese are amiable and proud of their heritage and local culture.

As a small, safe island, solo travelers can find themselves doing a lot with their days – exploring a historic site after breakfast, sunbathing on the beach after lunch, before making their way to the harbor at night.

Throughout these excursions, you don’t need to be overly concerned about your safety; in fact, you are more likely to make new friends than have anything negative happen to you. Opt to travel here soon to get ahead of the trend!

7. Netherlands


Last, but not least, is the Netherlands. This beloved European country ranks high on most travelers’ dream destinations bucket list. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht are the main spots to visit, as well as the Dutch countryside where you can find vast forests, dunes, and heathlands that are thousands of years old.

Luckily, you can make the most of your time by utilizing their excellent train services, which makes it exceptionally easy to get around the country. This means that, in addition to the main cities, you can also get off-the-beaten-track and experience some remoter parts of the country such as Maastricht, Groningen, and Leeuwarden.

What destinations around the world do you consider to be the safest?

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