The Most Important Part of a Bicycle

When it comes to selecting a bike, it can be tough to know which parts are the most important. Whether you’re shopping for bikes for women or the latest men’s electric bike, use this guide to determine the most important part of your new bicycle.

Finding the Right Frame

Probably the most important component to look at when shopping for a new bicycle is the frame. Whether you consider it the skeleton or foundation of your ride, the frame is the component that’s hard to replace and hard to alter if you don’t absolutely love it. Invest in a quality bike with a frame that fits your body style and desired riding experience.

Some frames are designed to comfortably cruise local beaches, while others are built for speed. You can replace your chain, upgrade your tires or add a new seat cushion, but replacing your frame means purchasing an entirely new bicycle.


Maintaining Your Chain

In terms of maintenance, your chain is another critical component to keep in mind. Choose a bike that has a sturdy chain. Be sure to keep it well maintained to prevent rust and corrosion. A rusty chain results in an uncomfortable and unsafe ride, so oil your chain whenever it feels dry and keep the links nice and loose to prevent stiff link performance issues.

A damaged chain may need extensive oiling or a complete replacement. Select a new chain that matches your existing one for hassle-free replacement. For best use, consider replacing your chain with a replacement part from the same company for a fully restored ride.

Choosing Your Tires

Just like your four-wheeled ride, your bicycle needs tire maintenance. Standard and electric bikes can have bald tires, flat tires and punctured tires. All of these issues require maintenance or replacement.

Bald tires are the result of making memories on the road or the trail. Plan on replacing your bike tires after about 2,000 miles of riding. Rough riding can result in punctured tires.  Puncture or cut may be patched, or you may be better off replacing the entire inner tube.

Flat tires are another common maintenance issue. A very small cut or changes in temperature can result in a flat tire. Riding on tires with low air pressure can damage the frame and make for an uncomfortable ride, so remember to check your tires’ air pressure and pump them up to the recommended psi.

Comparing Electric Bikes

If you’re considering an electric bike, the motor of your bike is another very important part. Choose an electric bike with a long-lasting battery and convenient operation. Whether you’re going on full electric power or augmenting your pedaling with an electric assist feature, carefully choose your ride to make the most of your convenient and comfortable investment.


Ordering the Best Bike Online

Now that you know which features to look for in the best bike, it’s time to go shopping. Choose womens and mens bikes online based on the frame, tires, chain and electric features. Don’t settle for a two-wheeled ride that isn’t suited to your lifestyle, but personalize your transportation to make memories wherever you ride.