A Guide to White Gold Wedding Rings

White gold is one of the most popular metals for wedding rings, mainly due to the appearance and durability of this alluring blend of gold and a metal such as nickel, palladium or silver. Pure gold is far too soft for jewellery, yet when mixed with a light metal, it produces an attractive lustre, it is durable and does not tarnish. White gold has the sheen of platinum and is more affordable, plus it goes very well when combined with diamonds and other precious stones.

Gold Purity

The term ‘karat’ is used when defining the purity of gold. 14k white gold is said to be 58.3% pure gold. On the other hand, 18k white gold is 75% pure and is mixed with a white metal to form what we know as white gold. The 18k white gold has a slight yellowish tinge, while the 14k white gold has a silver shine, which makes it easy to tell them apart. If you would like to view some unique wedding rings Melbourne has, an online search will put you in touch with a custom jeweller who can turn your concept into the perfect symbol of undying love.

white gold ring2

Custom Man and Woman Wedding Bands

Many couples prefer to design their own matching wedding rings and white gold is the obvious choice, and if you make contact with a local custom jeweller, they can assist you with a design. Aspects to discuss include the width of the rings, which could range from the very slim 1mm to a 12mm men’s band, and everything in between. She can have small diamonds inset into the front of the band, or any precious stone that she has a passion for, indeed, when you design the ring, you are the creator.

The Channel Setting

If you are having white gold wedding bands designed and want to include precious stones, the channel setting is recommended, as this ensures the stones will be secure, and if you live an active lifestyle, you need reassurance that the stones will never come loose. Prongs are really a no-no with a wedding band, as they would easily catch on clothing, and an experienced custom jeweller would recommend the channel setting, with the band slightly thicker than normal to accommodate the stones.

Online Inspiration

If you Google image search white gold wedding bands, you can view many superb designs, and when you see something that hits the spot, you can send the image to your custom jeweller. A good jewellery maker is prepared to spend the time on design, ensuring that your ideas are well represented. Most would use state-of-the-art computer 3D software to generate an image of the ring, which ensures that everything is as you would like.

white gold ring

If you would like to talk to an established custom jeweller, a Google search will bring up a list and you can take it from there. If you already have a design in mind, fine, otherwise the jeweller would help you through the design process. You and your partner will wear special wedding bands that were designed by you both, and you can even have some engraving added, to really personalise your wedding bands.