Modern Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Special Day Standout

With so many wedding ideas to choose from, it can really get very confusing to pick a trend that is unique. For couples that are looking forward to the start of a shared life, the beginning should be filled with a trendy vibrance. To host a modern wedding, that has a jaw-dropping decor, unique theme, and an engaging idea to it, painstaking attention to detail is required.

From the selection of flowers, a minimalist backdrop and wedding gown, bridesmaids dress colors, wedding rings, and the choice of cuisine, it is these elements that integrate together to set the tone for a special day. We extensively evaluated contemporary wedding ideas, turned to experts, and compiled these ideas that can really give your reception a distinct identity of its own.

Use Transparent Chairs


These are also called ghost chairs, and they have the potential to give an eerie vibe to your reception. They are made from modern materials such as acrylic, and when set together, it definitely is a grand spectacle. Being see-through, they also allow all other decorative elements to shine through. Acyclic ghost chairs also have the unique characteristic to give your reception a floating ceremony feel, which is a modern design idea.

Pursue A Mismatched Theme

The obsession with a matching color theme is disintegrating. Today’s modern design ideas celebrate trends that are different, be it colors, embroidery schemes, or outfits. A trend that looks like it has various aspects to it is very chic and flashy and can bring a new life to your special day.

Whether you give every bridesmaid the freedom to design their own dresses, or you order a floral theme that incorporates different types and sizes of flowers, the end result will always be uniquely elegant. If you are worried about getting flowers delivered in Los Angeles County for your big day, then getting in contact with a floral delivery west hollywood, is the best way to go. There are also ways to learn flower arrangement like flower arrangement class singapore to make it more special.

Wear A Simple Wedding Dress


The world is increasingly getting obsessed with minimalist designs. These not only appear playfully stunning but also let the protagonists of the wedding shine through- that is the bride. With clean strokes of white, and minimum embroidery you can set the focal point of the special day with a modern outlook. Less is definitely more when it comes to the goal of achieving a modern wedding!

Use A Minimalist Backdrop

Backdrops set the tone for a modern wedding. These become the most integral parts of wedding portraits, and their visuals cannot be ignored when the most important part of the event is proceeding- the wedding vows. Getting a minimalist backdrop is very easy. It can either be a grand white robe that can be swirled around foundations, or just a green structure. What matters is that the focus on the couple is not lost in the muse of backdrop decor.

Go Easy On Decor


The idea behind destination weddings is that they let the location shine. This is true for all modern weddings as an excessive focus on decor overpowers the natural landscape and aesthetic vibe that a place can offer. When finalizing your modern wedding ceremony set up, go easy on the decor. Well, the money you save can always benefit your dream honeymoon? We thought so.