Comfort, Style, Convenience: How to Have It All in Your Choice of Wedding Gown

For a lot of brides, it’s no issue to sacrifice their physical comfort for the grand wedding day to ensure they look their best. They don’t mind the outrageously voluminous skirt or the 20-foot long train. However, for more practical brides, it’s a must to prioritize their comfort and convenience over being a standout beauty.

If you belong to the latter group, good news, you do not necessarily have to sacrifice beauty for comfort. With thoughtful wedding attire or dress design, you can still have convenience and uncompromised physical mobility.

Here are eight of the best solutions to the typical physical discomforts brides experience when wearing a wedding gown.

1. A suit

A dress or a skirt can be quite uncomfortable for some women, no matter how flawless the design and construction may be. If you simply do not feel “right” wearing a dress, you don’t have to. There are wedding suits that are incredibly convenient to wear, but stunning and quite feminine.

Although a wedding suit for a bride is no longer as uncommon as it used to be, opting for it instead of a wedding gown is sure to make you completely stand out as a bride.

2. Lace-up corset or fastener

Lace-up corset or fastener

Opting for a dress fastener is one of the best decisions you can make if you are self-conscious about your body. A lace-up corset or fastener is so much more comfortable to work with when you want to look toned and want a secure fit (definitely less problematic than buttons or zippers).

Better yet, with a fastener, it will be a breeze to adjust your wedding gown to a more relaxed fit in case you want to indulge yourself during the reception.

3. Pockets

Are you worried about the tears that may flow abundantly due to the deep emotions you’ll be feeling on your big day? Or, do you want to make sure that you can easily pop a mint to keep your breath fresh through the long hours of the ceremony and the reception? You can take care of these concerns if you opt for pockets to be worked into your wedding gown.

Wedding gowns with pockets are nothing new, but a lot of brides forget that they can request them to be a part of the gown design. This way, you don’t have to depend on your maid of honor to hold everything — from tissues to lip balm, face powder, TicTacs, and candies — for you.

4. Weighted veil

Another common worry that brides have about their wedding attire is keeping the veil in place. Because of the lightweight material used for this outfit component, it can easily get blown out of place by the wind. This can be bothersome, especially in outdoor weddings where the elements are beyond anybody’s control.

Designers have a variety of solutions to ensure that a long and delicate veil stays in place despite an aggressive breeze. One solution they are known to use is those special weights (thin steel bearings) that members of royal families use to prevent skirts from blowing upward. Another technique is by concentrating embellishments on the hem of the veil for added weight.

5. Demure eye veil

Demure eye veil

If you are not keen on a long veil for style and practicality reasons, go for a demure eye veil instead. This alternative is just as fashionable, but it’s not as worrisome to wear because an eye veil is typically made of stiffer material. Also, due to its length and construction, it doesn’t shift out of place easily.

6. Hooded cloak

This is another fantastic alternative to a veil. It brings more drama to a wedding attire, but it addresses a variety of problems that brides deal with, particularly for a wedding that’s held outdoors.

One, a cloak provides more warmth for a cold and windy wedding day. Two, the hood can preserve your hairstyle despite strong gusts of wind. And three, the hood will prevent strands of your hair (that is, if you opt to keep your hair down) from becoming pesky obstructions across your face when it gets windy.

7. High-low skirt

If you love the romantic drama of a long dress, but you dread the possibility of stepping and tripping on it (which can lead to a series of other unfortunate events), choose a high-low or mullet design for your skirt. The short front will allow you to see your feet and where you’re stepping. Meanwhile, the long back section will maintain that gorgeous cascade of luxurious material as you walk down the aisle.

It’s a strategic design that works beautifully, especially for petite brides. The cut will make the gown less overwhelming, but still quite flattering, especially if you have slender legs. Plus, you can opt for the same cut and silhouette for the bridesmaid dresses to create a sense of cohesion (if that’s what you want), and for sure, they will appreciate the comfort this skirt design can deliver, as well.

8. A hat

This headwear for a wedding can take care of the following problems:

  • Hair getting blown across your face
  • A lightweight veil that doesn’t stay in place
  • The bright rays of the sun

So, if you are worried about these three problems, consider wearing a hat for instant comfort. However, it’s worth noting that opting to do this is not only a solution for a few problems, but it can also elevate the style of your wedding getup. Depending on the hat you choose, you can look like everything — from a Boho-chic princess to a vintage fashionista, a southern belle, and an haute couture diva.

So there, the eight excellent ways to ensure your physical comfort for one of the most important days of your life as a woman.

The lovely thing about these is that they are not just problem solvers, but they are fashionable calls to make you a stylishly unique bride. But, overall, the key here is to convey to your wedding designer or wedding dress consultant your issues. They are absolute professionals and can help you come up with the most suitable solutions to all your concerns.