How To Switch Your Sleep Patterns To Have More Energy For The Holiday Season

Are you ready for the high-energy holiday season? If you’re looking forward to the return of seasonal delights and office parties but aren’t sure you currently have enough energy to sustain you through the end of the season, you may be wondering how to improve your sleep quality or quantity. Even if you’re prepared to address sleep issues with a resmed n30i and more, you may still need to address underlying sleep patterns in order to feel truly energized and well rested. Check out your basic sleep requirements that you should aim for during the holiday season and beyond, as well as what you can do today to establish healthy sleep patterns and boost your overall energy.

Understanding Sleep Requirements

Whether you need to sleep with a CPAP with mask or whether your usual routine consists of simply putting on your pajamas and hitting the hay, it’s important to at least understand the minimum sleep requirements you need to keep up your energy throughout the season. As general rules of thumb, you may either need or could benefit from:

  • At least seven to nine hours of quality sleep per night for adults
  • A consistent sleep routine with little variation in when you go to bed or wake up
  • A cool, comfy sleep environment in your bedroom
  • A relaxed mind disconnected from the stresses and responsibilities of the day
  • Balanced levels of hunger and hydration
  • Pleasant pajamas and a calming nighttime routine


Establishing A Good Sleep Routine

Even with the top rated CPAP machines at your disposal, having an everyday bedtime routine can make a big difference in improving your sleep patterns and helping you feel more energetic at holiday events. To get better sleep this holiday season, try to:

  • Limit your consumption of holiday treats throughout the day and avoid bingeing on seasonal dishes, especially right before bedtime, to make sure feelings of fullness or bloating don’t keep you up
  • Leave holiday parties on time in order to maintain your regular sleep schedule
  • Stay away from excessive libations during the holiday season and make sure to keep drinking at least eight full glasses of water per day
  • Take short power naps before each holiday party to help keep your energy levels up
  • Start each morning with a crisp walk or a quick workout session to boost your energy and keep you feeling great throughout the day
  • Find fun and seasonal ways to work off excessive energy before bedtime, such as hitting the ice-skating rink, browsing Christmas trees and decorating your home, so you can sleep more peacefully

Powering through the many events of the holiday season typically requires consistently high levels of energy. If you’re hoping to make it through the upcoming holidays while feeling energetic and at your peak, you may want to reexamine your sleep patterns and focus on adopting healthy habits to keep you feeling good. Knowing your basic sleep requirements and getting into a good nightly routine could make all the difference this holiday season.