How to Remove Unwanted Furniture

Is your big spring clean around the corner? Do you want to do a proper deep clean and get rid of old furniture, too? At some point in our lives, we just can’t look at old stuff anymore. A change is necessary and the old needs to make space for the new. However, removals are a nasty job none of us wants to do. Get someone to do it for you, so visit this page and learn more about furniture removal,

Give It Away

Once you have determined which items have to go, you can at first try to give them away. You certainly have some friends or family members that have envied you for that old Voltaire armchair. Or that old 1960’s sideboard. Consider offering it to them first before you think about further options. Just make sure there’s enough help around to haul it out, if it’s large and heavy. Alternatively, you can probably ask a furniture removal service for help. Just tell them where the item(s) shall end up. 

Sell It

There surely are some items among your unwanted furniture that still look as if you just bought them. Ok, one small dent or scratch won’t hurt it, the only difference is the price you may envision. To sell unwanted furniture you have the following opportunities:

  • Put it online such as on platforms like craigslist, ebay, offerup or kijiji. Buy and sell groups on social networks could be another possibility. You’ll only have to take some pictures and measurements. Off you go, upload the photos and add a description. 
  • Garage sales are yet another great opportunity. Try to organise it for the first Saturday of the month when people just received their paychecks. You can advertise for it online on social media and put up some posters in your neighbourhood a week prior. The downside of a garage sale is that you’ll have to haul out the large items. 
  • Bring it to a consignment shop and try your luck. Consignment shops have their downside, too. First, you’ll need to bring your furniture. If it hasn’t sold within a certain timeframe, you have to pick it up again. That’s quite a lot of heavy lifting. You might be better off with a second-hand shop or an auction house for valuable furniture. 

Remove Unwanted Furniture2

Donations Are Always Desired

As another measurement for furniture removals, you’ll certainly be able to donate your unwanted furniture. It is often done by several charities – for free. AMVETS, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Green Drop or Pick up Please are fantastic charities to start. However, they don’t take all items and you need to check if one of them is nearby anyway. Depending on the area, they may not be able to offer a removal due to restricted capacities. It’s still worth it to enquire. Donating provides you with peace of mind. Your stuff will help people in need and you contribute to a good cause. What’s better than that? 

Maybe You Can Recycle It

Yet another grand opportunity for furniture removals are recycling centres. As long as your furniture is made of wood, glass or plastic, you can easily recycle it. These are all materials that could be used for another purpose to make new items. Check if there’s a recycling centre nearby and ask if they’d take your stuff. If they do, they’ll come around with a team. In most cases, you’ll barely pay anything for the removal. For the recycling centre, you are a supplier and thus they pay you. The amount they’d pay will be deducted from your bill. It depends a lot on how much you have and how long they have to travel. Sometimes you don’t end up getting a lot from them, if at all. But you’ll still pay less for furniture removal.

Call the Pros

Given the fact how difficult furniture removals can be, you may want to ask the experts for help. They are not only trained for the job but also experienced. The biggest advantage a professional service offers is that you don’t have to do any heavy lifting at all. If you do it yourself, you will need assistance from a friend or two. Instead of dragging the heavy stuff to the curb, they can pick it up from where it is in your home. As you can see, there’s absolutely no heavy lifting involved for you. 

Remove Unwanted Furniture3

A Plethora Of Options

As another advantage furniture removal services take care of donations and recycling. You won’t have to make any calls to all the charities in your area. So that’s quite a time-saver, isn’t it? Check their homepage with which charity they’ve partnered if you’d like to know. Neither will you have to do any categorizing for any recyclable items. Once they’ve brought the stuff of your furniture removal to their site, they first categorise it. One part goes to donations, the other part recycling and the tiny third part is for disposal. Recyclable items are further categorised according to glass, metal, paper and wood. 

Furniture Removal On Easy Mode

removal services remain the most convenient way for furniture removals. You’ll have absolutely no hassle apart from collecting estimates. Next, you schedule a collection with them. When they’re at your doorstep, you’ll only point at what you wish them to take. You’d not necessarily have to be home for the collection, which is even more convenient for most. After they’re done, they’ll do the sweeping and leave as if they’d never been there. 

Parting Words On Furniture Removal

Removing unwanted furniture is easy as pie. Give it to friends, or you can either sell it, donation is also a great option, or even recycle it. Either way, for an easy time, the best option is always to call the experts for the job. So do your research and hire the best service for your needs.