5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Registered Migration Agent of Australia

Have you decided to settle down in Australia, the land of beaches and sunshine? If you consider migrating to Australia is an easy process, and you can handle it, you better think twice. Though hiring a registered migration agent is not mandatory, they can offer valuable assistance and suggestions to make the process seamless. 

Let’s put insight into some reasons why you should use a registered migration agent of Australia.

Migration Agents are Industry Regulated

A migration agent needs to be registered with the MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) to assist applicants and offer advice in the migration process. As registered agents, the authority monitors their activities to ensure quality and integrity in immigration assistance. 

The prerequisites migration agents must meet to register are:

  • They must own a current Australian legal practicing certificate 
  • They must be well-versed about Australian migration laws and process and hold Graduates Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice
  • Go through professional training sessions to renew the license every year.
  • They must be of good character
  • Follow migration agent code of conduct strictly.

Hands giving passport (of Australia)

When you get advice from a registered agent, you can be assured of getting the best service monitored by the MARA authority. 

Migration Agents Will Save Your Money

If you think you can save a lot of money handling the migration process on your own, you might be mistaken. Of course, hiring professional assistance, like a migration agent, will cost you a handsome amount. But the fee you have to pay the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) is non-refundable, which means, if your application gets rejected, you will, in no way, get that money back. 

So, to get your application granted at the first attempt, there is no better way than using a registered migration agent of Australia.

Knowledge and Expertise

When you seek the help of registered migration agents, they ensure you have completed all visa requirements and submitted all relevant documents. They are well-versed about the available visa pathways and can recommend the best one for your case. 

Remove Stress and Saves Time

Lodging visa applications accurately and migrating to Australia is a stressful process that requires a lot of time. Again, once your visa application is denied, you might be prohibited from applying for other visa programs according to the provisions in the Migration Law, Australia. 

Migration Agent2

According to Section 48, Migration Act 1958, if the visa application of a non-citizen is declined once, he/she cannot apply for further visas except:

  • Partner visas
  • Child residence visas
  • Bridging visas
  • Protection visas 

Migration agents can complete the visa application submission process timely in the right way. They also handle the hassle of speaking to the Department of Home Affairs, Australia and keep you stress-free. 

The solution to Complex Issues

Migration agents have helped so many people to settle down in Australia. They know that every case they handle is unique and need an utter conscience to make the application follow Migration Law provisions and get granted. No matter how complex your issue is, they can interpret the provisions better and assist you in getting the visa approved.