How Not to Get Broke While Traveling

Being a ‘digital nomad’ is in trend these days. The youth today believes in the saying, ‘live as if there is no tomorrow.’ Whether it is about freelance editing jobs, photography, essay writing, or coding, the idea is to monetize hobbies through online resources and then fulfill all desires of life.

Now, if you love traveling or holidaying but hate the idea of saving a year, then for planning a proper holiday, you can choose the idea of digital nomadic life. All you need is a laptop and a good Wi-Fi connection, and you are good to go.

We have listed some great jobs that can help you make money while traveling. However, apart from these, there is a lot you can do. So, let’s mention the best and easy projects, on which you can start working from day one.


Well, if you want real fast money, it could be an ideal opportunity for you. Either you can be an established blogger and join an online agency or can take up tasks to write blogs from freelancing sites such as Upwork. You can also plan to start your own blogging, but that may take some time to generate traffic and for you to actually start earning.


The best part of this job is that blogging is not limited to writing; it also means posting pictures, tips, and tricks, and all your experiences in an exciting way. You have to make the blog interesting for people to react, agree, or disagree with your content. So, this also means you have to travel and explore more to be a successful blogger. Now, does any other job come with such types of perks?

Social Media Marketing

Let’s face the fact; whether we are on holiday or not, we are social media addicts. And when we are on holiday, we make sure to post regular updates on various platforms. Be it an Instagram story, or snap chat photo, we make sure to show everyone if there is something unique or different.

So why not start making money by it? Yes, social media marketing allows you to be on social media all the time and yet make money out of it. If you have knowledge of posting stuff and uploading things, this is the job for you.

For social media marketing, you will need to update your client’s social media from time to time to generate business for them. This involved writing texts, putting up graphics, and writing catchy slogans.

There are lots of designing sites available online which can help you to post stuff. Just a small tutorial, and you are all set to become a social media manager. If you have good organizational skills, you can work for multiple clients at once.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Imagine being someone’s assistant but not being physically present in their office. Yeah, this job exists. People nowadays look for people who can just get their jobs done from any place across the globe. Be it social media updating, sending emails, or just talking to clients, be their assistant from any part of the world and get paid for every hour you work for them.

So, pack your bags and make sure you take your laptop along. In brief, travel while you earn and earn while you travel.