Gorgeous Save the Dates With Pictures: Tips on How to Design

Save the dates with pictures is a new concept and not many people are aware of it. All those who want to have something unique then consider the wedding invitations with pictures.

In this article we will share why should you go for the save the dates with pictures, will it benefit you in anyway? To be honest yes it is one of the best ways to make everybody aware of your excitement. Most of the people think that save the date postcard Would be boring no one is interested in your pictures. To a certain extent yes it is possible that people might not like this idea but for several other causes it is a life saver.

Reasons to have a save the date with pictures

Before we  tell you some ideas or give you some tips about a wedding invitation with pictures, it is necessary understand why should you go for such a unique wedding card.

Pretty affordable

So the first reason is money. If you have a long list of guests and sending hard copies of wedding invitation to each one of them seems impossible because it will be a toll on your pocket, then think of the wedding invitation with pictures. 

You don’t have to tell the wedding car designer to make intricate designs or create a logo for your wedding, the main thing on your wedding card will be your pictures so all you need to think about is to is to gather the best pictures. 


Get them engaged

If you want the guests feel the same excitement, then it is necessary to show them your prospective life partner. Sharing a picture of your life partner good induce a curiosity in your guests. So it will be fun to have a picture of the prospective couple as the cover.


Those who don’t want anyone to create a wedding card for them, can rely on this idea. it doesn’t require much creativity all you need to do is focus on a few things and your wedding invitation will be ready. therefore we can place it in the category of a DIY wedding invitation. 

Quick and easy 

Imagine that you want a professional and famous wedding guard designer to design your wedding invitation, and he does not have time to do that. now what will you do? Instead of asking a novice it will be better to change the wedding invitation design. 

A wedding card with pictures would not take much time therefore you can easily request the professional card designer to make it in minimum time.

Saving your memories

Even though we are living in an advanced world where there are backups, but still chances are that we might lose some of our precious pictures and videos. if you feel that you are a clumsy person and will be unable to keep your favorite pictures with your partner, then make it a wedding post card.

Ideas for save the date with pictures 

You can’t do much with this main idea, but the colours the size of the picture and the number of pictures can play a crucial role in designing such fantastic wedding cards. we have shared a few tips that can be followed while designing save the dates with pictures.

  • Always try to keep maximum two pictures at a page. Adding several pictures at a single page would make it very overwhelming.
  • The dimensions of the pictures should be according to the size of the paper. They must not look very big neither very small.
  • You can have a single picture as the front page, and various other pictures on the inside of the card.
  • Adding animations can help to add colour to the card. 

Tips for designing the wedding card

One should keep these simple tips in their mind while designing any kind of wedding card. 

  • Make the date and the day prominent.
  • The essential information should be written in a bold font.
  • There should be a separate section for the necessary information. 
  • You must choose constrastive colours for the cards. 
  • If the base is of a lighter colour then the text should be darker.
  • The size of the font should be comprehensible.