Don’t Leave Fido: 5 Tips for Staying in a Hotel with Your Dog

The last thing any dog parent wants is to hear their pet has been causing a ruckus and annoying other guests. Although there are many pet friendly hotel chains, it is your responsibility as an owner to keep your dog and neighbors content.

Here are five tips for staying in a hotel with your dog.

1. Double-Check Pet Fees and Restrictions

Double-Check Pet Fees and Restrictions

Before Googling “pet friendly hotel near me,” find out whether your hotel demands any pet fees. They can be nominal, such as $5 a day, to an upfront deposit that will be refunded in case of damage. Be sure to research because the last thing you want is to find out the hotel’s pet fees is as much as the room!

2. Ask for a Ground Floor Room

When you decide on a pet friendly extended stay hotel, pick the best room for your pooch. Staying on the ground floor is the most convenient for late-night potty runs and will squash any elevator drama. Further, if your dog loves to play with toys and is a ball of energy, a ground-floor room is less likely to disturb the neighbors.

3. Use a Crate in the Hotel Room

Use a Crate in the Hotel Room

Before finding any hotels pet friendly near me, ensure your pet is crate trained. Although not every pup loves a crate, using one is crucial so your pet is safe and to keep the employees, who may enter your room to clean, happy. If your dog isn’t crate trained, practice leaving your pup in the crate for short periods of time before your trip to normalize it.

4. Avoid Leaving Your Dog Alone

Some hotels are against leaving dogs alone so double-check when you’re searching “hotel pet friendly near me”. Also, dogs can get nervous when they’re left alone and end up tearing apart curtains, carpeting, and furniture. They may also bark nonstop, which will be an issue with hotel management and guests. If you have to leave your pet, make sure it is for a short period and put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. You should also keep the TV on loud to drown out any distracting sounds from outside.

5. Upgrade to a Suite

Upgrade to a Suite

When you search for a pet friendly hotel near me and booking hotel, consider a suite, so your pet is more comfortable. Also, having a living room and bedroom creates a buffer between the rooms and gives your dog space from any outside activity.

Which of These Pet Friendly Hotel Chains Appeal to You?

There are plenty of pet friendly hotel chains that will accommodate you and your pet. Research is key, so you don’t overspend on pet fees and it will help you decide whether the room is adequate for you and your dog. Happy hunting!

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