Common Sleep Practices Around the Globe

As the world sleeps people do so in various ways. It could be based on their culture, traditions, and others who prefer copying after westernized habits. Some of the sleep habits globally are convenient and beneficial as they still cater to the fact that sleep should be efficient and at the same time they are unique. How people sleep in the west and those in the east is different and at the same time, it’s treasured just as in other parts of the world. As you enjoy the adventures, food, nightlife of a different country. It is important to note that while others sleep down on mats and mattresses others favor having a siesta. You will be able to learn how they sleep as well and how their sleep habits affect their general wellbeing just as those that are listed below.

Naps in public area

Naps in public area

Having a nap is not an illegal thing but according to sleep experts is an important part of your well-being if you could sneak in some nap time in your busy schedule. Naps vary from person to person and as well from people of one place to another. For instance, in Japan, people practice napping in public better explained as sleeping while present. Through this practice, they are commonly seen dozing anywhere, at a party, a commuter bus, even at the park. This is not a sleep habit they shy away from as it shows that as much as you are tired and falling asleep. You are diligent at your work but you opt to multitask and be present at the ongoing event. It goes on to date and no one is bothered by this habit or disturbs those who are dozing off unless it is necessary.

A Prayer before bedtimenightlife of a different country

This practice is most common in Mexico than any other country according to the National sleep foundation survey. In 2013, the survey showed over half of the Mexican population took time to pray before their bedtime. It is always done an hour to bedtime and sometimes they can alternate with meditation. Interestingly, those who are used to this sleeping practice do not interrupt that routine with any other activity like watching TV but stick to what they are used to. That is prayer and meditation to help them get sleepy faster since their brain has reset to this pattern

A Prayer before bedtime

Fewer sheets more sleep

People make their beds in various ways and the beddings that they use are also laid on the puffy mattress in a certain order. All in all, as one lays their bed it is in a way they find suitable for them to lay on it. For instance, in Europe, most people prefer a fitted sheet plus a duvet to having to use a top sheet. They find this habit of layering the sheets on the bed before sleeping favorable for both summer and winter and they only have to adjust what they sleep in as the seasons change in due time.



Although the bedtime routine of the people in Spain is around 10:00 pm including the children. The Spanish tradition of having a siesta early afternoon carries on to this day. The siesta was for 2 hours to help them energize and get some rest to tackle the other half of the day. This sleeping practice has now been adopted globally in various countries by individuals due to the benefits that it has. Sleep therapists also do recommend having a siesta depending on the sleep needs that you may be facing. Generally, it is a good practice to adapt to if your daily routine and nature of work allow you to.

Sleeping with pets

Some sleep practices like sleeping with pets are not for everyone due to the risks, allergies and how pets are viewed in other countries. However, in America sleeping with any of your pets is common and it can be daily or occasionally. Depending on how bonded the owner is with their pet. The practice can be a daily habit for most of them find it fun, relaxing and at the same time a source of warmth and joy. Anyhow as long as the pet has constant visits to the vet and is vaccinated as it should prevent any spread of diseases. There is no harm to sleeping with the pet if it contributes to good night sleep.

Sleeping with pets

Late bedtime for kids

Children sleeping early is a common habit in many parts of the world. However, late bedtime for kids is common in Argentina as many children after their meals are involved in doing a lot of activities. In comparison to the American parents that have their children early to bed so as they have alone time as a couple. Argentine parents have it different as dinner is at 9:00 pm and most children and other family members end up sleeping past 10:30 pm and this can get to later hours during holidays and other annual festivities. Fortunately, the children here do not have to wake up early and cover a good amount of sleep. Hence the system is just slightly different but the Argentine children are not sleep deprived as most people would think.

Napping outside

When you travel around Norway and Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. Do not be shocked when you find babies outside taking a nap even during the winter season. This is because they have to take the Alfresco naps where parents leave their children outside due to the fresh air to nap and this practice includes infants. This can be witnessed outside malls, home fronts for they believe the fresh air is a perfect environment than inside where they can get sick due to lack of fresh air. Children in schools and daycares also have their nap time outside and it is part of the norm. Due to its effectiveness, other parents can copy this sleeping practice if their environment is conducive enough to do so perfectly.