5 Things to Do in Columbia, South Carolina

The slow Southern drawl, the amazing food, and the gorgeous, natural scenery – There is something unique and beautiful about the Southern United States. Columbia, South Carolina, in particular, is no exception. It is just slightly smaller than Charleston but just as entertaining, cultured, and beautiful. If you’re trying to glance for things to do in Columbia South Carolina — look no further. Below is a list of few best places to visit and great things to do in Columbia, South Carolina.

Visit the Nickelodeon Theatre

You can explain to your kids that it is not the Nickelodeon they watch on TV. The Nickelodeon Theatre is a historic theatre where you can watch current films as well as curated, indie art films. It’s the perfect place for cinephiles, art lovers, or history buffs. It’s also a cheap way to beat the Columbia heat. Lookup for the showtimes and be sure to pick a show that you can’t see back home.

Visit the Nickelodeon Theatre

Have Lunch Near the Lake

There are many gorgeous parks in Columbia as well as Lake Murray and other bodies of water. If you’re not ready to use much money and don’t mind a little sunshine, consider packing a lunch and heading to the park or sitting at the lake to watch the boats go by. Southerners are notoriously polite, and Columbia is no exception, so be sure to wave as the boats go by!

Visit a Museum or National Monument

As the state’s capital, Columbia is full of rich history. Consider visiting one of many of its museums like the South Carolina State Museum—which includes art, history, science and technology, and natural history– or the African American monument that pays tribute to African Americans’ journey in South Carolina.

Attend a Concert or Ballet

Columbia is a cultured city that has venues for concerts, plays, and ballets. If you plan your trip accordingly, you could catch a classic on the stage like The Lion King or a new favorite like Hamilton: An American Musical. It’s a great way to escape the humid Columbia evenings while also enjoying the beauty of the venues that only exist in Columbia. The bonus is that you get to immerse yourself in a show that maybe you wouldn’t have taken the time to see back home.

Attend a Concert or Ballet


Southern states are known for delicious food and Columbia is certainly home to many great restaurants. Consider dining at a local place like Kingsman Restaurant and try the liver or if you’re pressed for time, grab a quick hotdog at Rush’s. It’s certainly an experience to dine at a place that’s been around for over 60 years. You can’t go wrong with any local restaurant in Columbia, but certainly, avoid eating at any chain restaurants or eating any type of food you can get where you live. Try new food and if ever in doubt, ask the locals what they recommend!

Columbia, South Carolina, is a beautiful and exciting city. As the capital of the state, it offers a wealth of history and historic buildings. But your active friends or family members won’t be too bored with all the recreational opportunities the lake and the parks afford. And No art lover could be disappointed with the museums, the Nickelodeon Theatre, and the concert venues. Columbia is a well-rounded city that will entertain just about anyone, especially if you consider one of the things to do above!