5 Routes for the Perfect Road-Trip in Majorca

The perfect road-trip ends and starts in the majestic capital of La Palma in Majorca. If you haven’t experienced this incredible adventure for yourself yet, well then you are in for a treat. Even though Majorca is well-known for its well-functioning public transportation system, i.e. it’s fairly easy trekking around the island by using for instance the bus, a car allows for much more freedom to really take in the spectacular scenery. The car renting business is well-established on the island and there are many options to choose from.

Before heading out it’s good to make sure you have a little bit of knowledge about local rules and regulations as well as what type of car you should be renting. On Majorca car hire is fairly easy and it is possible to find good deals to fair prices. Which one you choose depends on the reason for your road-trip and for how long you will be renting the vehicle.

ROIG is one of the many car renting companies on the island that offer good service and adequate information regarding everything that you need to know before heading out. What should you then think about before renting a car in Majorca and where should you go?

The car

The car

When renting a car there are several things to take into consideration before you are able to set off on your intended road-trip. First you need to make sure that the vehicle you choose matches the intention of the trip, i.e. will you be driving far and off-road or only small distances mostly within the cities and villages? Here, car renting companies such as ROIG are a big help. They are also able to assist with information on insurances, local rules and regulations when driving in Majorca as well as with what add-ons are necessary. Of course it’s wise to compare different car renting companies before settling on one, however, most offer good service and reasonable prices. Make sure to ask questions about roads and certain areas as well, as it will minimize the risk of flat tires etc. It’s also good to check how it works with gas stations and payment. The more prepared you are about these fundamental concerns the more freedom you will have once you are on the open road.

Finally, it’s also good to get some information on emergency numbers both to medical services but also to the local road assistance company. Where to go then? Well, if it’s your first time visiting the island, here are a few suggestions.

The route

Once you have the perfect vehicle for your road-trip, it’s time to get going. In a beautiful place like Majorca it’s difficult to manage to find a route that isn’t gorgeous and filled with exciting sights and places to stop. Having said this, it might still be nice to have some guidance and suggestions, especially if it’s the first time you visit the island. Here are 5 suggestions for road-trip routes through Majorca, all originating from the buzzling capital of La Palma.

  1. Deià – Sóller – Sa Calobra, a popular route that takes you alongside the mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea before continuing to the famous orange producers of Sòller and then ending with the famous 360-degree curve, Nus de sa Corbata.
  2. Palma – Santa Ponça – Port of Sant Elm, if you are interested in culture and history then this is the route for you.
  3. Es Trenc – Es Caragol Beach – Ses Salines Lighthouse, enjoy crystal clear water and white sand dunes at one of the many beaches along this particular route, surfs up!
  4. Estellencs – Torre de Verger – Andratx – Port Andratx – Camp de Mar, if you don’t mind narrow roads, and here narrow is the word, then this route will lead you to some of the most beautiful coves on the island before ending the trip in one of the oldest municipalities in Majorca.
  5. Majorca’s Interior, perhaps you’re not visiting Majorca for its many beaches and coves, or even if you are, there is much reason to not forget the interior of the island as it offers many exciting areas to discover including wineries and old mills.

The route

Bet on a sure thing

Everyone should visit Majorca at least once in their life and by renting a car you have the opportunity of making it the road-trip of a lifetime. The island holds many treasures and caters to all. If you love the beach than there are over 550 km of beach and cove to choose from and with over 300 days of sun each year, the weather won’t be a problem. The island also has a rich history and culture with much to discover and learn. Let’s not forget the delicious food scene or the fabulous shopping as well. Book your trip today, rent a car and set your sights on one of the many routes around this magical island.