5 Reasons Why You Need to Experience a Helicopter Tour with Your Partner

Are you looking for a unique experience with your significant other? Whether you are planning the perfect date night or celebrating a significant milestone, a helicopter tour is a great way to show your unconditional love for each other. There are some great reasons to consider a helicopter tour in your near future.

Amazing Views

The sights from a helicopter are breathtaking, and you’ll feel like an eagle soaring through the sky. You will fly at a much lower altitude and speed compared to an airplane, and helicopters can hover from a standstill in any direction. This ability gives you a unique opportunity to have close-up views that are truly remarkable. A helicopter also can gain entry to inaccessible locations. You would not be able to get to these locations on foot or by bicycle, so you can take a helicopter tour to get to these areas. With an upfront view, you will also gain a greater appreciation of nature by understanding how the land is shaped with different rivers and lakes. There is no doubt that romance will be in the air with the beautiful horizon in front of your eyes.

Amazing Views

Unique Proposal Idea

Are you looking to take your relationship to the next level? Getting engaged with your partner requires thoughtful planning and execution. Popping the big question during a helicopter tour is something your partner will remember forever. Helicopter tours can be customized, and you will be able to hover over the perfect spot before you propose. A view overlooking scenic mountain range or ocean beachfront can create a memory that both of you will never forget. Couples that enjoy new experiences together will thrive and create memories that last for a lifetime. Think about how this experience compares to a cliche proposal over a candlelit dinner. The selfie of yourselves capturing the big moment will impress your friends for years to come.

Enduring Memories

A helicopter tour is unlike any experience you or your partner has ever had. The thrill of the helicopter tour is a perfect way to break up the everyday grind. As you get older in life, you’ll look back and remember this experience as a hallmark in your relationship together. As you try more adventures with uncertainty, you’ll gain more confidence to try new and exciting adventures with your partner. You can share stories with your children and family of all of your adventures during holiday dinners. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience!


A reasonably priced helicopter tour will only cost about 100-200 dollars. The route and length of the tour will usually determine the price, but you can toggle with different options to fit your needs. There are also many deals you can find through Groupon or other e-commerce companies. You’ll have to pay lots of money to see multiple places, and you can kill multiple birds with one stone through a helicopter tour. Helicopter rides are much more intimate, and you can truly enjoy the experience in private. Your pilot can be your tour guide and answer all of your questions. Tours can be booked from the convenience of your computer on BekaaAir.com.au, and you can compare costs and companies to fit your budget. There is no need to spend money on a travel agent or other expensive booking services.


Avoid Crowds

Tourist destinations are a magnet for large crowds attempting to do the same thing as you. It’s frustrating to have hundreds or thousands of people standing in your way of what you are trying to see. You will be able to capture the most precious moments together without the suffocating disturbance of a crowd. A helicopter tour can be your best option to enjoy your experience without interruption. Plus, you’ll be able to kiss and hold your partner without being embarrassed!

A helicopter tour is likely out of your comfort zone, but you should not miss out on this unique opportunity with your partner. From the exquisite views to the unmatched ambiance, a helicopter tour will be an experience like none other. It’s the perfect activity to add to your long bucket list!