5 Key Tips for Visiting Turks & Caicos

Did you know that visiting Turks and Caicos is one of the top destinations on this amazing planet?

In fact, according to TripAdvisor, it was the number 1 beach destination in 2011. And it’s currently still in the top 5 beach destinations in 2019.

Whether it’s the pristine turquoise waters or the world famous lobster dish that attracts tourists, it’s got to be on your bucket list.

But what’s the lowdown on Turks and Caicos travel? Read this mini Turks and Caicos travel guide for 5 essential travel tips for a vacation of a lifetime.

1. The Basics

The Basics

US, UK, and Canadian Passport holders don’t need a visa to travel to Turks and Caicos. The official language is English and they accept the US Dollar as currency.

They drive on the left side of the road, like the UK. And they use US-style electrical plugs and voltages.

Yes, you’ll find most of the amenities are just like back home!

2. The Caribbean Weather

Many amazing travel destinations around the world have extreme seasons. But you can travel to Turks and Caicos anytime during the year and have awesome weather.

The peak tourist seasons are December to January, and March to April. September to October is well-known for Hurricanes, so it may be best to avoid visiting during that time.

3. Turks and Caicos Safety

Turks and Caicos Safety

Health and safety in Turks and Caicos isn’t something to be overly concerned about.
There are no poisonous snakes and spiders. There is also no Malaria, Rabies or other tropical diseases. The peaceful island even boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean!

While there are petty thefts and small crimes committed. The biggest threat to your health and safety is, no doubt, the sun. So don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

4. Things to Do

From relaxing on white sandy beaches and horseback riding to checking out the museum and historical sites. There are many things to explore on a trip to Turks and Caicos.

And on a trip to Turks and Caicos, you’ve got to check out the underwater paradise that’s awaiting you. Whether you’re a certified diver or are up for a bit of snorkeling, you’ll love exploring the beautiful barrier reef. Which is the 3rd largest in the world!

But Caribbean cruises don’t go to the Caicos islands to protect the barrier reef. To sail the open seas, it’s better to hire or buy a yacht. Buying a luxury yacht has to be one of the best ways to explore the stunning islands.

5. Food and Drink

Food and Drink

When you travel to Turks and Caicos, you can’t miss out on the lobster. But while the weather is great all year round, the lobster isn’t. Lobster season only runs from August-April, and it’s illegal to catch them out of the season.

In addition to the world famous lobster, they have an amazing array of seafood all year round, including conch.

The tap water is safe to drink but it can have a funny taste. It’s better to buy bottled water, although expensive. Or bring your own filter instead.

A refreshing Corona on the beach sounds tempting, as well as a tropical cocktail! But don’t forget that selling alcohol in shops is prohibited on a Sunday.

Visiting Turks and Caicos—Are You Ready?

Visiting Turks and Caicos

It’s clear to see that visiting Turks and Caicos has to be on your bucket list. And now you’ve done your homework, the only thing left to do is to get booking!

Of course, Turks and Caicos travel is only one of the stunning locations you can visit in the Caribbean. Check out our travel section for some more amazing travel tips, to the Caribbean and beyond…