5 Common Bridal Gown Mistakes that are Easy to Avoid—Let’s Make Sure You’re a Happy Melbourne Bride

You’ll be forgiven if you can’t cope with all that goes into putting a wedding day in Melbourne together. Ask any local bride and she’ll tell you her to do list ended up being way longer than she originally imagined.

What does that mean? You lose control and problems creep in.

One way to avoid some of them is simply to learn from other people’s mistakes. Why suffer if you know how to sidestep a few snags in your day?

And we want to help with one of the most important aspects of your day: THE DRESS.

When searching for bridal gowns in Melbourne the choices can be overwhelming. So to help you find the perfect dress for your nuptials, we’ve outlined four common bridal gown mistakes to avoid.

The Wrong Dressmaker

The Wrong Dressmaker

Here’s a scenario that happens more than you may think: brides dream up the most stunning bridal gown you’ve ever seen, hire dressmakers who promise to make the visions into reality and months later:

  • The dress doesn’t look anything close to what you discussed
  • The gown needs so many alterations it’s not finished on time
  • It wasn’t made according to your measurements

Much of these problems can be attributed to the dressmaker. He or she shouldn’t overestimate their skills and they must be realistic about timelines.

It’s important to vet dressmakers by reading reviews and contacting previous clients before you settle on one.

Too Little Time

The matter of requiring too many changes in too little time brings us to an important matter: you as the bride also needs to be realistic about the timeline. Especially for custom dresses, experts advise you to work in six months for fittings and alterations to make sure it fits PERFECTLY.

You can approach one of the experts for bridal dresses Melbourne has and ask them if they’ll be willing to make a dress in a short time. Some may say yes, because they want to accommodate you, but you’re putting yourself and them under pressure:

  • Pushed for time you may make rash decisions without contemplating what you really want and then you won’t LOVE the outcome
  • The workmanship may not be of the best quality
  • If special fabric or decorations must be ordered they may not arrive in time

Do you really want to take chances with your big day? To avoid this, start shopping a year before your wedding and if your timeline is shorter, make peace that you’ll have to buy a ready-to-wear garment.

It Doesn’t Suit YOU

It Doesn’t Suit YOU

Do an online search and you’ll find countless tips on picking your perfect dress:

  • The dress must suit your figure
  • Think of the current fashion styles
  • Make sure your accessories match the dress
  • Ask others’ opinions
  • These are all valid points and in making such a huge decision—picking the most important dress of your life—they’re all vital.

But many brides forget to consider one thing before making the final decision. After you’ve gathered all the information, compared all the options and heard viewpoints, how do YOU feel about the dress?

When you walk down the aisle your mother, your best friend or the fashion expert won’t be next to you to encourage you to feel good about the way you look. They won’t be there to remind you of all the reasons why THIS dress works. It’s only you in that moment and that dress should make you feel AMAZING.

Perhaps you should take a moment and consider whether you’ve had that ‘aha-moment’ with your dress. That will make you feel like the princess you are on the big day.

You Can’t Have Fun

Your wedding day is supposed to be a fun, exciting day. We say ‘supposed to’ because some brides are so tense that the day goes by in a blur. So, firstly, make sure to let others worry about the details, so you can simply have fun and make beautiful memories.

Part of the fun may be dancing or taking interesting wedding photos. Will your dress allow you to move the way you want and go where you need to go? Can you twirl in your groom’s arms on the dance floor?

Make sure you’re not encumbered, so you can focus on the good times and not on ‘how to manage the dress’.

You Can’t Sit

You can take all the above into account, go through all the fittings, love how you look and feel & still get something wrong: not being able to sit during the reception.

You Can’t Sit

A dress that’s too tight or has so much fabric that you can’t sit comfortably will cause quite a calamity!

Yes, we know, one can’t imagine making such a huge, practical mistake. But we know more than one bride who did.

The problem is that you twirl in front of the mirror countless times during the purchase process, but fitting rooms don’t always have chairs, do they? And no, not all dressmakers are helpful enough to remind you to sit down and see how the dress feels then.

So, add this to your checklist so you know you’ll avoid it.

Does that help? A simple checklist to avoid problems and make sure you enjoy your day as you should. What other aspects of your day are you worried about? Maybe we can help.