Why Wedding Rentals Make More Sense Than Buying

When you imagined your wedding, you probably didn’t imagine the associated costs, choices, decisions and stressors that can come with trying to organize the event yourself. That’s why wedding rentals are a great choice for betrothed couples. Whether you rent candle holders, tables and chairs, or an arbor, wedding rentals give you the chance to create the event of your dreams. Here are five reasons to opt for wedding rentals for your big day.

1. Great Savings

There’s no question that you save time and money when you opt for wedding rentals. If you bought the tables, seating, tableware and place settings for even a small wedding, you would also have to deal with storage, transportation and eventual depreciation. When you rent these types of furnishings, you create the wedding you envision without having to put time and effort into some of the more mundane issues.

2. Abundant Choice

Abundant Choice

Whether you browse your wedding rentals company’s showroom or their website, you have an abundance of choices. From dining tables and seating to tableware, arbors and backdrops, and accessories, you can find the pieces that suit your wedding vision and style or theme. Water goblet rental, for example, involves glass, cut crystal and brass options in a wide range of styles, and colors from navy blue and teal to green and grey.

3. Professional Support

When you work with a professional specialty event design and rental company, you’re not only getting the physical rental items but also the depth and breadth of your representative’s experience. There’s no better person to bounce ideas off, ask questions or seek inspiration. After all, they’ve made dreams come true for their other clients and can give you the industry perspective on the tables and chairs that can complement your wedding theme and optimize your guests’ comfort and movement in the venue.

4. Reduced Stress

The support of your professional design and rental representative is a major source of reduced stress for you and your spouse-to-be. Similarly, knowing that you’re in good hands with a company that lives and breathes wedding rentals can give you the much-needed peace of mind to free your brain to focus on other details – those bridesmaids gifts, for example!

5. Beautiful Memories

Beautiful Memories

Wedding day photos and videos last a lifetime. When you work with a professional specialty event design and rental company, they’re essentially set-dressing your wedding. Your professionals’ design knowledge and style allow you to say your “I do’s” in the perfect setting. You and your partner will look great and so will your surroundings. Better yet, you get to share the beauty of your big day with your friends and family for years to come.

Bring Your Vision to Life

If these five reasons to invest in wedding rentals make sense to you, contact a professional wedding rentals company today. Whether you wish to rent candle holders for your church ceremony, table settings for your beachside banquet or crystal chandeliers for the dance floor, you can find the furniture, furnishings and accessories to bring your wedding vision to life.