Why Is My Website Not Getting Traffic?

Your website not getting traffic can be frustrating and hurt your business. If you’re a new site owner, you’ll definitely benefit from knowing what decreases and keeps traffic low. On the other hand, if you’re a website veteran who’s rarely experiencing conversions, you need to act fast and save your business on time. So, why is your website not getting traffic?

Key Technical Problems to Focus On Regarding Website Traffic

It could simply be that you are stumbling upon some technical issues related to SEO, which can make your site invisible to Google. Fortunately, with the right SEO team behind you, you can make your site appealing to Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms. This will, in turn, increase your traffic and make it easy for Google to find you. However, if Google still doesn’t “see” you, it may also be because it hasn’t indexed your site.

If your traffic is dropping, it may also be that your site is loading too slow, hard to navigate, or not working. Since many people use their phones to go online, speed is an issue, especially if the site loads slowly on cell phones. In this scenario, it’s not only you who are losing customers, but Google too, and that can negatively affect your rankings.

Content Quality Is a Factor Too!

Website Not Getting Traffic1

Poor content will decrease the traffic to your website faster than you think. If your website content is wordy and difficult to read, you’re not going to pop on the search engine’s first page. Free tip: passive voice affects the quality of your content, and so do keywords! Using the wrong keywords, including ones that are too popular or don’t target your audience, is a path to your site’s ruin. Long-tail keywords are the ones to go for!

By keeping track of your content quality, you’ll see a spike in your business’s performance and rank higher on Google. This is because of the EAT standards Google follows when it comes to rating content, and, trust us, they follow them strictly. Therefore, the content should reflect your expertise and authority on your site’s topic and your trustworthiness in providing the right information to your visitors.

Are You Promoting Your Website Well Enough?

One way to do marketing right is to follow the 80/20 rule. The other one is to make good use of as many social media platforms as possible to promote the site. Even email marketing can do wonders! With the right advertising strategy, you’ll be fine to promote your site on a budget. 

Planning your marketing strategy also includes doing extensive research to identify your target audience. One of the reasons your website is not getting traffic might be because you don’t know your customers’ profile and needs. In that case, it’s a lot harder to make them aware of your brand. Therefore, get to know their needs and inspire them to take the right action with your ads!

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