Why Do I Have Such an Accurate Horoscope?

Over the years, horoscopes have expanded from the tiny black and white excerpt found in the obscure section of the newspaper.

Today, the internet offers countless daily, weekly, monthly, and annual horoscope reports. Horoscopes come in digital, podcast, or video forms. But the increase in horoscopes doesn’t mean it’s an accurate horoscope.

If you enjoy reading or listening to your horoscope, then follow along as we discuss how to find an accurate horoscope.

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the observation of the planets’ transits in correlation to the earth. Astrology uses the elements of earth, water, air, and fire to explain the energy and personality traits of the planets.

What Is Astrology

The movement of the Sun through the constellations of the Zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces) helps astrologers monitor which element the Sun, Moon, or planets are in.

The planets change course regularly to complete cycles. The transits of the planets occur in cycles because of how long it takes for the planet to travel through the twelve zodiac signs. Some planets, like Mars, move quicker than outer planets such as Saturn or Pluto. The transits examined by astrologers are conjunctions, squares, sextiles, and quincunxes, to name a few.

When specific planets form an angle like a sextile, it creates the energy for possible activities to occur. An example of an enjoyable sextile is Venus and Mars. Venus rules love, money, beauty, and feminine energy. Mars rules war, chaos, aggression, and masculine energy.

When these two planets sextile, there is a blending of feminine and masculine energy, which might be beneficial for relationships or finding a new partner. But the outcome of a sextile depends on which house and sign the sextile occurs in. It also relies on other transits taking place in a person’s natal chart.

What Is a Natal Chart?

A natal chart gives a snapshot of the locations and transits of the planets at the time of your birth. Everyone’s natal or birth chart is unique and different, even twins.
The time of birth, location, and date are needed to create an accurate natal chart.

When creating a natal chart, an ephemeris (a guide of the celestial body position in a zodiac sign) gets used. Many astrologers continue to make a natal chart by hand, but several computer programs do the mathematical equations.

Casting a natal chart allows an astrologer to see what the planetary weather was like during a moment in time, like your birth.

If you want to know about an upcoming day, month, or year getting a natal chart reading is helpful. Charts are also useful when looking for a suitable wedding date, closing on a house, starting a business, or beginning a new job.

While there are no “perfect” days, some days have better transits than others for beginning something new.

Why Should You Have an Accurate Horoscope?

When it comes to horoscopes, not all are equal. An astrologer should compose a horoscope because of the research and knowledge necessary.

Why Should You Have an Accurate Horoscope

If you read a horoscope that you find to be accurate, this is terrific! It should mean the person who wrote it was researching the transits for that specific day, week, or month.

Creating a horoscope involves the same information used to create a natal chart. Special events such as a new moon, full moon, or eclipse are essential.

Retrogrades of the planets also cause daily hiccups. Mercury retrogrades three to four times a year for three weeks. Since this planet rules communications, its three-week slumber might cause some headaches if you aren’t prepared.

The horoscopes accuracy can’t be measured by whether a specific event happens to you on a particular day. Horoscope predictions should be taken with a grain of salt because the timing of events might be off by a day or two.

Which Horoscope Should You Read?

If you’ve had your natal chart read by a professional astrologer, you are ahead of many people. Knowing your ascendant sign and sun sign are essential when reading a horoscope.

People have noticed that both horoscopes blend well or that one is more accurate than the other.

If you’re aware of your sun sign and ascendant or rising sign, it’s beneficial to read both. The sun is the spotlight and the rising sign rules the chart. Some people have the same sign for their rising and sun.

But your time of birth and location is required to assess a rising sign. When the time of delivery is unknown, most astrologers set the chart time for noon.

Although you can still get an overview of a natal chart without an accurate rising sign, it’s better to have it. Reading your moon sign horoscope might be helpful, too, but it’s not as vital.

Horoscopes Won’t Resonate with Everyone

When it comes to horoscopes, they won’t resonate with everyone because they are meant to be a general report.

Horoscopes Won’t Resonate with Everyone

Even if an astrologer craft the horoscopes you read, it won’t cover what’s happening in the lives of every Aries or Scorpio.

If you want a horoscope for yourself, then you should seek an astrologer for a natal chart reading. A natal chart reading provides insight into your life. They can offer helpful information about when to make a move and when to wait.

You Don’t Have to Read Them

While we all have our moments when checking our horoscopes might seem exciting, you don’t have to read it. Choosing to check out a horoscope is a personal choice.

If you enjoy it, that’s great, but don’t get upset if it isn’t an accurate horoscope.Because those are best prepared for a private chart reading.

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